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My latest video is a ten-minute history of  Sydney's Olympia roller skating rink in the 1960s. There is much more to the story than meets the eye.

I shot and edited the video (except for the archive footage) and composed all the music too.

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This is a Newport band called the Tafijah Allstars. Nothing too fancy - medley of ska songs - but love the sound of it.

They describe it as 'ashtray reggae'. Bloke on the right doing the harmonica stuff is really good.

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This is Dutch group Windjammer going nuts on a ski slope. There's something brilliantly crazed about this.

It starts off normal enough but then that infectious Bang Bang beat begins taking hold and people are entering a frenzy.

There are skiers obviously maiming themselves. There are fights breaking out and then one of the Windjammer blokes assaults the ski ballet woman.

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This is Les Cappuccino doing a version of the tune from 60s film, Bande à part. They prove, yet again, why the Japanese are the world's greatest hat wearers. This is performed at the unfeasibly cool U.F.O. club in Tokyo.

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OMG the commentary!!! Hahahahhaha

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This is look at the strange world of the Playboy club in London, 1969. The creepy presenter is Pete Murray, a DJ who got booted off the BBC for ranting about Communists and urging people to vote Tory.

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This is from a weird channel I'm subscribed to on You Tube. Think it's Polish.

They churn out loads of these videos and I can never figure out what's going on.

But the common theme is crap Euro babble pop and blokes who look like IT managers prancing around with models.

I'm guessing it's some kind of vanity service for rich people - karaoke pop video type thing. This is a good surreal example but there are hundreds.

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This is Scottish inventor Gavin Oattes showing off his Apodo management training device.

It's a plastic holder, costing £1,500, full of cheap, tatty children's toys.

It's a real thing but seems more designed to expose the daftness of management culture - scared middle-managers in suits skip and play Jenga in the hope of uncaging their hidden leadership tiger.

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This is Welsh folk group called Plu from place called Bethel in North Wales. They're two sisters and a brother.

Their father was in one of the first ever Welsh punk bands, called Y Trwynau Coch.

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Feel a bit sad about this.

But after 6,646 videos released by the North Korean department of You Tube - they've finally made one which is almost watchable.

It's had over 250 people watch it; which is crazy numbers for North Korean You Tube channel.

They're usually videos of men in anoraks admiring new gravel factories or military types charging around assault courses.

But this one's people falling over on roller blades.
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