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I'd like to make my personal suggestion for Donation Tuesday! (Please ignore that it's Wednesday).

Check out The California Renters Legal Advocacy and Education Fund (CaRLA)!
In contrast to the national funds people have been posting, this is very local to SF and the bay area. It directly pays for suing suburbs that take federal funds to create affordable housing and then fail to do so. The current lawsuit is against Lafayette:

"In the summer of 2015, we learned that the City of Lafayette intended to approve a housing development of 44 luxury single-family homes, instead of the originally proposed 315 apartments, which would have been affordable to moderate income earners. The California Housing Accountability Act prevents cities and towns from disapproving zoning compliant housing projects, but the law is rarely enforced. Developers prefer to maintain good relationships with city officials, so instead of engaging in expensive, time consuming litigation, they often agree to redesign their projects at lower densities, which result in fewer homes being built. In aggregate, these decisions by localities have caused a housing shortage, which is why housing is so expensive in California."

This takes money for litigation, but is very effective - as the city is clearly breaking their obligation. Help us get more housing the bay area!

If you're interesting in getting more housing, check out:

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer - I volunteer with the YIMBY group.

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Full article of Dieter Spaar reverse engineering the BMW's remote unlock technology to, well, unlock any BMW.  Really cool stuff.

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JBox2d annoucement:  I've moved the project to Github, and I've ported the wonderful LiquidFun physics engine as well, so you get some awesome liquid particle physics now.  Check out the new project page home here:

New release coming soon!  Other improvements:
* Better performance
* Better tests for testing perf changes
* Better drawing perf (and some other options soon)

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“Putin loves Russia to death,” said Alexander Zhukov, the Russian Olympic Committee President. “He also loves accountability.  If he feels the Ceremony reflects him, who knows what he’ll do to seek justice,” said Zhukov before part of a hotel ceiling crashed to the floor beside him. “All I know is Borris Avdeyev failed Russia and got what he deserved.” More of the hotel began to crumble and the interview had to be cut short. 

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"What’s striking about this debate is that no one is really wrong."

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A really interesting video about the current exploits and methods used by the NSA.  Way more in depth than I thought.

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I've been a fan of CyanogenMod for a while, it's nice to see them doing well. The mod is a necessity for any device plagued with the monstrosity of TouchWiz or similar.

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This is a petition worth signing.
Doesn’t the stuff you keep online deserve the same protection as the stuff you keep offline? Under a law called ECPA, government agencies in the U.S. can see what you’ve written and stored online without a warrant. Sign this petition to the White House and tell the government to get a warrant! 
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