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Greg Emerson
A multimedia, multiplatform journalist with experience throughout the newsroom.
A multimedia, multiplatform journalist with experience throughout the newsroom.

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Ken Lerer observes the state of media, in 8 Tweets
As an avid consumer of journalism, I am always on the lookout for news about the business of journalism. New ventures are starting all over the place, led by big names or big ideas, and there is money in journalism again. One of the people behind some of th...

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Planet Money's T-shirt project: Making the news (very) personal
As an avid listener of NPR's Planet Money podcast, I was fascinated from the first mention of its ambitious T-shirt project , which would ask listeners to pre-order a new T-shirt, with the show tracking the process from seed to shirt. Having not purchased a...

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My Media Diet: Aggregators vs. News orgs
I have catalogued my media diet a handful of times in the past few years ( here's the last one  from Feb 2013), and I must say it surprises me every time. Tastes change, available sources of news evolve, and I have seen my consumption habits evolve right al...

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Wow. Simply wow. How ANTS are both a solid and a liquid. Oh and of course a living thing...

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Review: Distant Witness by Andy Carvin
"Distant Witness" by Andy Carvin (2013) [cover image courtesy of CUNY Journalism Press] Distant Witness: A book about Twitter, revolutions, and the Twitter revolution I never thought reading tweets, retweets and hashtags could be so compelling. Andy Carvin ...

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Review: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg - a 4-point plan for fixing your bad habits, and plenty of other insight to go around.

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Opinion: Hipsters may have ruined Paris for you, but Paris doesn't care
I see two types of stories about modern Paris life: Stories about how French people love Brooklyn hipster culture , and stories about how Brooklyn hipster culture is ruining Paris . The latest is of an American in Paris lamenting the gentrification of the P...

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Still relevant
Let's get inspired by some of these unique pumpkin jack-o-lanterns:

#pumpkin   #jackolantern   #halloween  

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My take on Bloomberg's new incoming CEO: Amazing talent, two reasons to pause

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ICYMI, insight on what the Snowden NSA leak says about journalism
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