Insightful summary by +Burak KALAYCI, as always (in link below).

I've heard of the death of Flash more times than I can count over the years. I think the difference this time is the claims are coming from the people that use it, and the 'killer' is the company that makes it. Time will tell I guess.

The quote that sums it up for me is:

"The model where Adobe invests all of the resources in developing the Flash Player, and then projects such as Haxe and Unity pull developers away from Adobe tooling is one that was not sustainable under the old model"

I'm sure that is true, but really it is saying Adobe can't compete in spite of all the advantages inherent in making the platform. Look at FlashDevelop - made for free by two people (and no doubt some friendly help) and it blows away Adobe coding tools. Not because it is cheaper, because it is better.

So if you can't compete, sure, business model two, try to wring money out of your platform standard as you slowly choke it to death. The real question though is why can't they compete? If my money was tied up in there, I'd be asking that question a lot.
And Then Premium Features Arrived…

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Follow-up to my post titled Why will Premium Flash Player Features Kill Flash? dated March 10th.
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