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Explore on Polyvore 2
When I had my writer's block, I mixed and matched clothes and shoes in Polyvore .  So here are the sets that I have made while I was out from the blogging world. Monochrome by sammied2323 featuring a stretchy mini skirt All The Long Sleeves by sammied2323 f...

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SOS: Bacon
Who would have ever thought I would wear jeans during the summer...? Certainly not me, haha. x It is halfway through summer over here and all it has been was H O T ,  so what I would do is throw on something really comfy and just go with it.  So I threw on ...

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SOS: Naval
SOS or "Styles of Summer" is my new blog series. I was thinking of naming this outfit "Sailor Moon" because of the naval colors in it but it has nothing to do with the show Sailor Moon, thus I gave it another name. If you did not know, Sailor Moon was one o...

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SAMMIE: Be dedicated.
As they say, determination and dedication is the answer in order to achieve something that you want to attain. So, if I want to achieve my goal, I should have the willpower and devotion to do what I want to do and to never give up. I should also be confi...

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SAMMIE: Live an active life.
As a student, we are blessed to have physical education and different school activities like intrams for us to be fit and healthy, but when we are on our own we end up forgetting to work out. During my spare time, I will do my own yoga class to warm up and ...

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SAMMIE: Eat smart.
Eating smart will always be a way to having a fitter body. But what do we mean by eating smart? Eating smart is being able to have a healthy diet and a well balanced meal every day.  One way to to this is to follow the food pyramid.   I also plan to avoid c...

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SAMMIE: Drink 8 glasses of water everyday.
It is known that everyone needs at least 8 glasses a day to be fully hydrated- I have a hard time achieving this so I will start to do this now. To achieve this, I will drink at least two glasses per meal I take and at least one glass every 2 hours.  I will...

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Follow Up February
*This post is photo heavy. PROM WHEE An update about last month..... from prom, to field trip, to school, to life, to everything else in between...... So stars (my readers are stars hihi so cute), remember that really cute prom proposal I had last November ...

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Samantha Dacanay of JF MAIN GOAL: TO INCREASE MY STAMINA/ENDURANCE 1.      Have a Work
Out plan In order
to build up my stamina, I need to create a workout routine.   This routine will have cardiovascular
exercises so that my body will be conditioned to be ...
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