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3D printing lets designers ignore almost all limitations of manufacturability.
The first ever 3D-printed band played live and sounded pretty good! 

#Atmel   #3DThursday   #3DPrinting   #Makers  

Happy 0x10 year birthday to Google! :)

Seems like we are not in Kansas anymore.

Are all these compiler and processor optimizations really worthwhile if the end result is either a frustrated parallelization project, or extremely unpredictably failing and untestable multi-threaded software?

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I put some sample models of the Nokia 820 shell from a high-resolution displacement mapping code of mine to the Shapeways catalog. They are freely downloadable, but have considerable resolution requirements.

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Wow. What a loud wall of silence. Exemplary use of passive resistance.

I'm really annoyed that the "sort by magic" feature of Google Reader has become quite useless after the latest update. It's showing me items from only a few sources.

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Might be worth a try.
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