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Anybody offloaded Chris Johnson or Hakeem Nicks in #dynasty  recently?

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This will end well.

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The internet is weird right now.

So it looks like "defense wins championships" is holding. We could say that the Pats ought to be very scared going up against the Ravens, but I keep thinking that the only rule that should supercede "defense wins championships" is "Belichick" wins championships.

Feeling #Patriots over #Ravens in the AFC. NFC is a damn mess. My head tells me that since Perry Fewell hasn't already packed his bags for St. Louis like Gregg Williams had that the #Giants offense ought to be the deciding factor, but I can't shake the feeling that the #49ers pull it out.

Media perception this week is playing straight into the #49ers favor. Giving them bulletin board material, challenging that blue collar thing they've got going on.

This game is much closer than the talking heads are acting like it is. #saints

Just because it hasn't been said as often or loudly as it shoud... Last night's #bcs game was the suck.
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