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The Woodman by G. H. Bright
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Book Six of The Woodman saga is out now on Amazon.
Hell Hath no Fury.

Three differing factions head for Duke’s Lands. All have different agendas, one wants to live in peace and be friends whilst another is happy to die for the cause just so long as The Woodman dies too, and the third faction – an eight hundred strong army – wishes for nothing more than total domination. Attacked on different fronts, abandoned by The West and with his lands diminishing rapidly, Duke Woods has the fight of his life on his hands. It is a fight that will cost dearly, many people will die in battle and the return of The Death will take its share too. Stretched to the limits of manpower and with the weather against them, the Marines and Fighting Men stand side by side with The Woodman and family in a fight to the death to save Coast Town. This is a win or lose-it- all battle to the death. Contains graphic violence and sexual content, not for the squeamish.

Ever thought of Mad Max meeting Game of Thrones? 
The Woodman book five out 01.06.15.
Not read books 1-4? Don't worry, dive in here.
"The newcomers have been settled for eighteen months but the transition to life in England has not been easy.
Ebola still lurks in its various forms, Oliver Wade; a would-be politician gives Duke Woods a hard time of it and a perpetual thief creates problems too, but none of that is a patch on the troubles coming from across the Channel. A Neo-Nazi thug leads his gang of bloodthirsty maniacs and they have a score to settle. Attacked from within, Duke’s greatest battle yet becomes a painfully personal one as he struggles to hold back the tide of evil."
Amazon paperback and e-book.

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The Woodman Saga
Book One is, for a limited time, FREE when using the code below.
"Modified Ebola has decimated the globe, handfuls of survivors eke out an existence whilst others are intent on building from the ashes a world of unimaginable pain and horror. The Woodman fights to keep the world from tipping completely over the edge. " Book 1 The Roads of Hell
Your coupon code is HE35M (not case-sensitive).

Anyone wishing to read The Woodman, (book 1 the roads of hell) you can now go to Smashwords and obtain a free copy with the code HN34C (not case sensitive), for a limited time only. Graham.

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Book five is under way. (Due to popular local demand) Life was just getting on track, a new baby, a new start. Fat chance!
The Woodman by G. H. Bright. See more at 

Price reduction for December on Amazon (e-book versions only) Check out Wix site for details

The Woodman series in paperback & e-book formats, now reduced in price (e--book) and tweaked in places. Post-Ebola outbreak apocalyptic adventure/thriller.   Amazon, Smashwords and all good on-line stores. 

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A great night of live music, complete with The Woodman series raffle raising money for RNLI. Big thank you to Robin Clapton of Clapton/Waller records. Thank you for the support of my books. Great night, great music, good cause...lets do it again sometime soon.  

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