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More optical illusions to up your psychic ability
Today's challenge Can you see this one What do YOU see? Yesterday's answers

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Using optical illusion to up your psychic ability
Todays' challenge  (answers tomorrow) Solution to  yesterday's posers

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Exercise your brain-solution #1
Can you see what I see? (answers tomorrow) Yesterdays answers    

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Do You See What I See? Increase your Psychic Ability
Increase your intuitive/psychic abilities. The left side of the brain houses logic while the right side of the right side of the brain houses creativity and intuition. Developing the right side of the brain will increase your psychic ability. One of the eas...

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Goddess deck drawTues 20 June
Say hello to Apophylite - stone of the angels.  The dark green mineral pictured is not Apophylite.  Apophylite, "stone of the angels" is white, light grey or the palest of greens. The specimen put on top of the card is an example of green apophylite. It fos...

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Goddess Card Draw mon 19 June
? Angelite?       This card is a perfect example of why you need to have a well seasoned reader or crystal supplier. The card says it pictures angelite with the message to express the real you. However,  it looks nothing like angelite.  I placed a few angel...

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Goddess Cards Draw for Sunday 18 June
Amethyst can be found in all shades purple - from soft lilac to deep violet. It is the stone of Pieces as well as February and as such is the power stone for those born in that time window. It is also the stone for the sixth wedding anniversary and supports...

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AMBER: Although not truly a stone but a resin, Amber is  commonly considered part  of the mineral kingdom  by  the metaphysical  community. It has be used for health, prosperity and good luck through out the ages. It is most effective worn touching the skin...

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Goddess cards
Goddess Cards When choosing a card deck, you should always be mindful of the number of cards within it.  Thre "numerology" of the deck can have bearing on your reading. You can simply google the meaning of the number of cards in the deck on your lap top or ...

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what's happening in June
Happenings in June        June 13        Summer Solstice then & now June 14        Crystal Club June 17        Runes Club June 20        Angel Tarot Club June 21        Rites of the Munay-ki click for more info FREE      on line card readings       click fo...
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