Until Google+ opens up for businesses, you can keep up to date on The Guild on Plus by following the cast & crew:
+Vince Caso +Felicia Day +Jeffrey Lewis +Amy Okuda +Sandeep Parikh
(Robin Thorsen hasn't yet made the Google+ leap yet)

Director +Sean Becker and Producer +Kim Evey

+Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon has been announced as a S5 cast member.

Others on G+ who may or may not post Guild stuff:
+Michele Boyd +Fernando Chien +Teal Sherer +Wil Wheaton
+Kenny Mittleider and +Jenni Powell run the podcast
S5 Line Producer +Jeff Winkler. Stunt coordinator +Thom Williams

[I'll update this list with anyone I've missed, or if other cast join -Brian]
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