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Brian Kameoka
Marketer, Star Wars geek, recent MBA grad. Marketing coordinator for The Guild
Marketer, Star Wars geek, recent MBA grad. Marketing coordinator for The Guild

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Was looking up Gaelic sayings and wanted to share this: Is minic a bhris béal duine a shrón. (Many a time a man's mouth broke his nose).

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Great interview w/Agents of SHIELD showrunners Jed Whedon & Maurissa Tancharoen.  So many funny quotes in this! My fave - Mo, on why she probably won't go camera at some point (like she did in Dollhouse): "Also, there are already too many Asians on it.  We’ve hit the quota.  I’ve done my job."

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Here's me on News 10 in my "spokesperson for a local performing arts center" costume:

To my cosplay friends (even casual/i-dress-up-once-in-a-while cosplayers): What's a good contest prize to you?  Free passes to cons?  If you won a gift card, what stores would you ooh and ahh over?

The Jayne Hat debacle reminds me of the following facts: 1) it's rare to find a big brand that "gets" grassroots fandom, 2) there are a lot of "know it alls" when it comes to mouthing off about IP/copyright/trademark, 3) The Firefly fandom is fractured, loud, but mostly ineffectual

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Cards Against Humanity just took the #1 spot on Amazon's Best Sellers, Toys/Games, knocking of the Lego Star Wars Desert Skiff.

What's the worst line in the Star Wars prequels?  My vote, it's a tossup between "This party's over" and "I sense Dooku"

For the record, I appreciate Barack Obama saying "Jedi mind-meld." Policy of inclusion. Geek references, 2-for-1. JJ Abrams, give him a cameo!
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