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CONFESSION For the better part of six months, no one has lived in the apartment units around us in any direction. In the past month, two of the adjacent unit have been let.  The tenents across the hall are a father and son.  I haven't asked them over for di...

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I think Maslow would approve.
Maslow's hierarchy of needs for 2014

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A Squirrel With Nerves Of Steel
When I pulled up in front of my apartment there was
a squirrel walking across the stoop leading into the house. Overwhelmed by
mischief, I honked the horn. Instead of scurrying off as quickly as tiny legs
would carry, the squirrel moved slightly out of the ...

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Hashtag Furgeson
I asked for a blog post prompt. I was really hoping to get a hilarious prompt and I got Ferguson. So, not the cotton candy piece I was angling for.  That's okay too. I'm not going to research. Or even look up anything I don't already know. I've followed the...

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Pick a Cover
For those of you who didn't know, I designed the current iteration of my cover of my book. As much pride as I take in my work, graphic design isn't really my area of expertise. I had a few covers made up by this awesome designer ( Angie Zambrano) . They're ...

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Media Recommendation: The Colony by Michaelbrent Collings
As a general rule, I'm not a big fan of zombie stories. This makes me very unlikely to pick up anybody's  zombie novel. But, I was (re re) listening to The Rocking Self-Publishing Podcast and heard Michaelbrent Collings, author of  The Colony book series. H...

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Romancing the Hilarity...Available NOW!!
From my newly released book,  Romancing the Hilarity (Available now on in print * and on e-reader ): The Birds        & The Bees To
paraphrase The Late Mitch Hedberg (may he rest in peace), I used to be a nerd.
I still am, but I used to be, too. When I was ...

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That's On You...Sorta.
I was driving down a 4-lane highway and a tow truck was on the shoulder. Above the rear window, partly obscured by the winch, and partly faded by time, was some message. My proximity and curiosity grew quickly, and as I passed the truck, narrowly avoiding i...

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Gaming Nephew

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