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Matropolis: Scientists of the World Unite (aka "The Matlab/Python wars")

Hilarious! "I tried to parse a string, and I think I killed 20 people!"

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NYT Article on the use of computer models to aid in wildfire predictions.

"Fire behaviorists work alongside meteorologists, given that the weather, especially wind patterns, plays a pivotal role in how a wildfire grows. The topography is also important because fires burn differently depending on whether they are going up a steep slope, across a valley or through a developed area. Then there are what firefighters call the fuels, which are the vegetation and other materials that give fires energy as they move along."

New blog post: How to compile the CFAST fire model on Mac OS X and Linux.

A short guide on how to download the CFAST source code and compile a CFAST executable on a Mac OS X or Linux platform.

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Just sent in my research grant application for $7500 of Amazon Web Services credit for fire modeling applications and computational web services. Thanks to Matthew Goodman at the SciPy conference for the tip!

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Article on the Baltimore tunnel fire 10 years ago, and how nothing has changed since then regarding fire safety mitigation measures or procedures.

When will the US consider this a major issue for fire protection?

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Northwest Austin one of worst areas in the nation for urban wildfire threats.

An article about the wildland-urban interface problem in Austin.

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Why publish science in peer-reviewed journals?

A well-written article on the problems with the current method of publishing scientific information, and how it could be changed in the future.

"[...] peer-reviewed journals actively prevent the best scientific results from being disseminated, siphoning off time and money that would be better spent doing other things."

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New draft for comments of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Fire Modeling Application Guide is available, which describes design applications using various fire models as well as the process of verification and validation.
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