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Gooweet (ex G+Twitter) is back !!!

Only the sharing feature is integrated :

- Multi-account support
- Auto-completion of "@"following 
- auto-summary : when you want to share a post, a content is automatically proposed with one #hashtag  (if available) ans the text of the G+ original post.
- Link of G+ post added at the end of the tweet

Gooweet needs Cocoweet to work but don't worry the instructions are very simple. Just install or update Gooweet ( ) and reload Google+

Hope you enjoy this new version and sorry for the delay.
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How does my stream work? I can share it on twitter but no Steam acitivity.
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Hi there,

I made a new easy-to-use realtime Twitter client for you.

Some of the most important features are:

* Support for real time updates (on timeline, mentions & search)
* Automatic filter on each stream to avoid flood
* Separated streams
* Display photos and videos in tweet
* Display users info & Follow / Unfollow. See if a user is following you
* Compose, reply, retweet, RT
* Auto-complete textareas
* Desktop notifications (only if you check it on streams), You can choose to enable desktop notification for your mentions stream only for example
* "Desktop client". You can close your chrome browser, if you have activated Desktop Notifications for a stream, you will be able to see new tweets.

Coming soon :

* Language support (Cocoweet is currently available in English & French)
* Cocoweet store : a lot of apps (game, funny, usefull, ..) to extend Cocoweet

Try cocoweet & share ;). Thanks.
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+Ayram Martinez The difference is it's not tweetdeck. Twitter owns tweetdeck, this is something similar started from scratch. 
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#update 1.5

Some bugs fixed (add/remove stream) / G+ updates

To update immediately : , or just wait :)
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Mine is no longer working. Not sure what to do. 
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Waiting a better solution (I need to work), G+Twitter is ~ working with the new look. Just reload the page !!
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OK and one really big but
I use twitter G+ and FB mostly from my mobile.
Apart from the app overlapping.... i cannot select the twitter circle from my android.

I can not believe that G+ has not a proper ..server base linked in and twitter Tie in.

At least FB does it nicely server side....
Why does google keep pushing out products with less capacity than their competitors
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#update 1.3

fixed bug /@mentions links glued to the left side - css conflict with G+

Special thanks to +Guillaume MAURIN for this report.

Do not hesitate to report bugs or ask for new features here :

To update immediately : , or just wait :)
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Twitter tú mejor opción
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I noticed many of you have got troubles with authorization since last week. The default behaviour of G+Twitter is to keep your twitter account authorized for ever. So ..

Do you need to reactivate/reauthorize G+Twitter ?
Frequency ? (just one time, every time you start chrome, every 2 hours ...)
What is your country ?
Chrome version ? (wrench -> about google chrome)
Since ? (last week, every time, ..)

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no no problem
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Sorry for the +G+Twitter black-out the last ~8 hours due to a G+ update from Google (CSS classnames). It is now fixed partially (just reload G+ pages if it does not work for you)
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+G+Twitter Thank you!
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Have them in circles
13,172 people
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Hi everyone,

New name "Gooweet" & new logo for G+Twitter but do not worry nothing has changed.

News : I am working on a new major version with awesome updates .. more info later ;)
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It doesn't seem to. I'm using Manage Flitter free version now, +Giovanni Di Zacomo 
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#update v1.4

Nothing new, just a new look compatible with the new G+ layout.

To update immediately : , or just wait :)
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yo digo que si
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¿Por qué a mi no me muestra lo mismo que a usted?
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#update v1.2

The screenshot represents the number of Twitter "authorizations" asked by you for G+Twitter. Last week there was a problem .. on the Twitter API. To avoid unwanted deactivation, I made this update. No new features but an improvement on the authentication process.

Details (technical) :
- local clock synchronization with Twitter servers (needed for OAuth protocol)
- ignore 401 from streaming API
- check auth token with Rest API when chrome starts
- remove auto-twitter circle button (but still available when clicking on "add more people")

When something goes wrong, a "~" appears.

To update immediately : , or just wait :)
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i just wanna know how to remove it ....
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Realtime client for Twitter™ in Google+™
Gooweet is the best way to use Twitter inside Google+. Add it to Chrome : Gooweet

  • Realtime Timeline + search
  • Tweet inside Google+ with link support (auto-shorten)
  • Dynamic tracking of keyword/tag
  • Enable/Disable your timeline
  • hover cards with follow/unfollow button
  • Share friends G+ posts on Twitter
  • View conversations
Upcoming features:
  • filters