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It's Trivia Tuesday! Boudin sourdough’s distinctive tangy flavor is produced by a strain of which type of bacteria that thrives on in San Francisco’s climate? #boudinbakery

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BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ‪#‎Boudin‬ Clam Chowder Bread Bowl day is today! Show this coupon at any of our locations AND save your receipt for a special BOGO BONUS offer! (excludes Bistro Boudin & online orders) ‪#‎NationalClamChowderDay‬

It's Trivia Tuesday! What is the term used when bakers create a pattern onto the top of dough to increase the surface area and give the steam inside a way to escape during the final rise in the oven? #boudinbakery

It's Trivia Tuesday! How many pound of flour are held in Boudin’s 33-foot tall flour silo? #boudinbakery

It's Trivia Tuesday! Fog is most prevalent during which months? #boudinbakery

It's Trivia Tuesday! What do the red, white, blue, and bit of green in Boudin’s logo represent? #boudinbakery

It's Trivia Tuesday! Cioppino is particularly flavorful in San Francisco due to how many varieties of fish found off local shores? #boudinbakery

It's Trivia Tuesday! A French tradition is to buy two loaves of which “little rod” bread, since one invariably gets eaten on the way home? #boudinbakery

It's Trivia Tuesday! Where mass-produced breads go from grain hopper to oven in less than two hours, bread making at Boudin is still a _-hour process, thanks to Papa Steve. #boudinbakery

It's Trivia Tuesday! Papa Steve was asked to make sourdough for a dinner of cardinals and archbishops during whose visit to San Francisco in 1987? #boudinbakery
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