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Adrianus Warmenhoven
Teacher, mad scientist, programmer, manager... anything IT
Teacher, mad scientist, programmer, manager... anything IT

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A Revolution in Humanities

Frederic Kaplan describes how he built an information time machine and how he believes these advances in Information Technology with that this will revolutionize the Humanities.

What do you think?

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Btw, I almost forgot : to all idonex / roxen ppl: We met Wing at 30c3!

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And while on the subject of crypto:

Is a very good introduction. It has pictures and tables!

On a tangential note of my previous post:

Why do I see so many people using sentences like '...with what you are doing, x and y is overkill, you can just use z because it has not been broken yet...'

Like saying 'Yeah, it's okay to have sex without a condom with random strangers here because we have not had a reported case of HIV yet'

So, either the creation of content has slowed down to a trickle or +Google really thinks that cryptographic news from 2008 is more relevant than anything written down in the last 6 months...

It is almost facepalmworthy to see the results of queries (even via looking glasses and tor, no cookies, different browsers) like 'strongest symmetric encryption algorithm' etc.

Note: these queries are not mine; I do know that cryptography has no 'strength' like alcohol. 
Crypto has a 'resillience' to brute force with regards to the amount of calculations needed.
The above is just some observation I made whilst talking to someone who got extremely spooked by the 30c3 video's and asked me which articles where relevant.

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Via +Jan Wildeboer. Via +Carl Draper. I rofld at mick Fleetwood. 

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Hmm #ICESAVE achtergrond info is gelekt op een 'whistleblower' platform. Glitnir, een bank op IJsland heeft wat zaken uit te leggen, iig de CEO en andere hooggeplaatste medewerkers. Het platform heet ljost ik gok
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