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Alright everyone. You’ve been so wonderfully (im)patient with this project, but now, for real this time, we’re releasing Style Music. It is, however, just an alpha, so it’s not perfect right now. Moreover, please advise to stick with Slack for feedback (ie, don’t post on G+ about any issues you come across).

Known issues/Missing Features:

1. "Find A Station that plays your song" is still experimental and subject to change.

2. In the album detail view, the action bar menu item "Show Artist" does not do anything.

3. In Search, the "MORE" button right above song results doesn't do anything.

Without further adieu, here is the app:

This version of the app has been modified such that it will run only until Saturday, March 25th ~ 4p.m.

New versions are expected to be released before the end of this time period. This procedure will be continued until the app goes live on Google Play. Then, as soon as the then valid time period expires, you'll have to buy the app.

That said, we hope you enjoy testing Style Music and helping us to make it the best it can be.

Thanks for testing!

If someone gave me the idea/premise for a story and I wrote it. What's the best way to go about crediting them? 

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Surprised +Jake Weisz​ hasn't posted this already. 

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Don't be suprised when they say the same thing about Android... 
Browsing data from using Chrome will now be part of your marketing profile. Only an advertising company of the scale and collective reality field distortion can sell you at this detailed of a level.

I've recently started doing DIY for my liquid. However I do everything by weight and volume. For example, I get my 30 millilitres bottle, I add 24 millilitres of VG and then I add flavours by weight and top off with VG. But the current Eliquid Blender only allows mixing by percentage. Is there anyway to fix this so I can store my recipes? 

Any chance of getting some media controls for the videos and vines?

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Conclusion of today's I/O event:

- Google Assistant, a very powerful personal assistant which uses machine learning and contexts
- Allo and Duo, two new messaging apps, one includes Google Assistant and smart reply, the other one makes video calling better
- Google Home, Amazon Alexa-like device with Google Assistant built in
- Android N now is in Beta, doesn't have a name yet (but you can vote for one ), it has VR built in
- Daydream is a new VR platform with enhanced performance and plausibilities
- Improved graphics, security and productivity in N
- Android Studio 2.2 with various improvements and a new layout editor
- Android Wear 2.0 with keyboards
- Firebase got a whole bunch of new features in 2.0
- Instant Apps: You don't need to download the whole app to download it, only the necessary parts are being downloaded in the background when you click on a link

It was a awesome again, fun to watch! I'm excited for the other events Google I/O has this year!

Wait did they just try and say that the Play Store will remove apps on its own?

CC +Jake Weisz​

Looks like root just got harder again. #io16
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