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Ruth Morgan
Mom, Speech Pathologist, Blue Ribbon Mentor, and other stuff
Mom, Speech Pathologist, Blue Ribbon Mentor, and other stuff

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On the Road to Key West!
Hi everyone, I'm now completely done, officially retired per NC Teacher's Retirement System and headed out tomorrow for a jaunt to Key West.  Look for pictures of geocaching, biking, sunsets, water, kayaks, and 6-toed cats.   When I said I was 'completely d...

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How to Retire Joyfully!
Hi SLP Friends!     Last Friday was the big day.  I managed to leave the building without turning into a blubbering mess, and now am sitting at home reflecting over a glass of wine (maybe a couple of glasses).  For the last two weeks, I've been showered wit...

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"Yaks Yak" Awesome Book for Teaching Multiple Meaning Words! Free Printable Visual Supports
I totally love children's books, and am always visiting our local public library to find new ones.  I look for clear language in a book, but the book also has to actually help to teach concepts, vocabulary, feelings, social skills, and myriad other goals th...

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Helpful Tips for Teaching a Language Group for Students with Severe Communication Challenges
Here in North Carolina, no school has been happening for several days.  We had snow, and when that happens, we become shut in---no school, no shopping, no driving.  The power has stayed on, so I'm happy to blog, check Facebook, work on school work and babys...

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Academic Skills or Social Skills---Sorting Activity and Game
Here's a product I have to offer:   A unit on social skills vs academic skills. Some students I've taught really have no clue why they are in a social skills group; they really don't know what social skills are.  They confuse it with social studies. (Althou...

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My Time Machine
I'm one of the lucky ones---I've had a stable job for 24 years.  So stable, in fact, that I've worked at the same school, IN THE SAME ROOM, all of this time.  When I sit back and think about it, it has become my own personal time machine.  It doesn't seem l...

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PODDs Everywhere!
Hello Friends, I'm literally counting down the days until I'm no longer at my school.  Retirement is awesome!  So many doors are opening for me, both professionally and personally and I'm overwhelmed with happiness. As one final work project, our assistive ...

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Job Opening!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Friends! I have had a speech-language pathologist dream job for 24 years: Low caseload (30 or fewer kids) Affluent school district (my Donors Choose requests get funded in a day) Supportive SLP team (we meet biweekly) Broad spectrum of children with disa...

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One-Sided Gerald--Using a Political Advertisement Video in a Social Skills Group
Happy Fall Everyone, and Happy Election Season! The airwaves are full of political ads.  Most I tune out, but I came across one that has been passed around on Facebook which is very funny.  As I watched it, I was reminded of a previous blog post about using...

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Halloween Night---book by Shannon Moore Fitzgerald; Free Companion Materials
Hello, Here in North Carolina today, we have been trapped in the Hurricane Matthew spiral.  Luckily, Chapel Hill has escaped most of the wrath, but for me personally, it has meant that the beautiful Hilton Head wedding for my daughter was scrapped.  Very sa...
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