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1/6th Scale PSS A10 Thunderbolt II - upgrades and repairs - part 3
OK so work continues on the new tail.  Here we have the carbon spar, hinge blocks, servo bays, and wiring all in place for the rudder servos :  Then some local bracing for the carbon dowels to stick through at the front of the tail.  Here, she is shown moun...

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1/6th Scale PSS A10 Thunderbolt II - upgrades and repairs - part 2
Some progress on the new A10 tail.  Once two sheets of 3/32nd  have been joined, I can start drawing out servo positions (brought over from the old elevators) and a general rib layout : Dry fit of ribs, hard 1/4" balsa TE glued on : Ribs start going on over...

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1/6th Scale PSS A10 Thunderbolt II - upgrades and repairs
 In between a few builds at the moment, so I've decided to have a look at the A10 tailplane with a view to replacing it with a lighter, stronger version.  The bottom of the TP had another spanwise crack in it, alongside the original full depth spar, so rath...

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New baby! Dassault Rafale for PSS
At the weekend Dirk Tink brought across a model for me from a chap in Belgium who seems to have a huge supply of the old HET models (same manufacturer as my glass Mig29 and the F15 that Matt Jones now has). It's a little (950mm) Dassault Rafale!  I love tho...

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Bwlchfest Sunday
A good time on Sunday with some great flying on the Bwlch. The Fox maiden went well in the end on her second launch, unfortunately she managed to get away from the launchers first time round before they'd pushed her much, but I landed OK on top of the hill ...

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Reichard "Long" Fox build
Well, this big Fox is nearly done now, with just a couple of jobs left before a hopeful maiden at the weekend. Dual aileron servos here getting their covers attached : Spoiler servo in place.  Box needs a quick tidy then this will get an Oracover patch to h...

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Fouga pushrods and Flanker nose
Not too much here, as I am progressing quickly with the Fox and failing to take photo's of it!  Then again, it's practically an ARTF. Some issues when flying the Fouga at the last PSSA event were caused by floppy pushrods, which I have since remedied with 5...

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Su-27 Flanker nose job
After performing so well in the clean, steady lift on the Cloud, I unfortunately managed to donk the landing a bit.  The rotor on the back of the slope managed to catch us all out at one time or another, and where this wasn't a particularly hard landing, it...

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Fouga Magister for PSS - a few tweaks.
As mentioned before, I have been working on a few Fouga mods. Firstly, tip tank dowels.  Tanks are now held on by 2 carbon dowels going into brass tubes in the wings, as well as the original 3 magnets : Look away now if you have a nervous filler disposition...

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A new transport trailer, servos, and PSSA coverage
A bit the bullet at last and bought a new trailer for model transportation.  The biggest problem with my old trailer is that it wouldn't fit the U2 fuselage, and now that there are some bigger airframes coming through that I'd rather not have inside the liv...
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