Inspired by a post from +Robert Paterson [1] I've created this graph depicting three ages and the hierarchies they created (or will create), from the Agricultural age (for farm work), to the Industrial Age (for factory work) and the Information Age (for knowledge work). As Robert noted, in each age the majority working population moved to the next stage (farm workers becoming factory workers becoming knowledge workers). Not sure where we (humans) go after the Information Age, though. 

One key piece is the Hierarchy of Ideas, a formal construct emerging out of all the knowledge created (similar to the formal construct of jobs emerging out of all the factories created). Tools to understand the Hierarchy of Ideas include (but are not limited to) - clustering, outlining, charting, mapping, or tagging. Dichotomies to structure the Hierarchy of Ideas include (the how, not the what) - important-urgent (Covey), order-chaos, complex-simple (Cynefin), strategic-tactical. Processes to harness the Hierarchy of Ideas - approval and voting/ranking [2], dissemination, distributed decision making.

UPDATE: click on the image and scroll right

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