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Wow. Devastated about Christopher Lee's passing. RIP, Sir Christopher.

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I'm just not a natural born blogger, it would seem. I can rock out on guitar, though.

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Dr. Frankenstein left something at your door...

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Sadly, I will not be attending NTRPG this weekend. It's just bad timing this year.

Please dice on in my stead.

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A little more info on The Hanging Judge's Guide. Wish I had more but...

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Everything takes forever.

Just finished up a 0-level funnel with Transylvanian Adventures. Had Portal Under the Stars set in Western China in 1899. Out of 13 characters, only two survived. Never had that high of an attrition rate. The end result was Hammer films meets Big Trouble in Little China meets Indiana Jones. Next stop, Hong Kong where the survivors try to stop the war wizard's infernal dragon from taking charge of the upcoming Boxer Rebellion. Kung fu, spellchecks, and Luck points flowing like holy water. 

Transylvanian Adventures/Doom of the Savage Kings today at ChupacabraCon. 2pm to 6pm. 

Hey everybody. I'm going to be at ChupacabraCon in Austin, Texas. Just found out about it tonight. I'm trying to arrange a couple of games. One is a trip through Doom of the Savage Kings retrofitted for Transylvanian Adventures/DCC RPG. The other will either be a revisit of the Halloween game I ran (still need to blog about that one) or a run through of the S&S setting hack for TA. 
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