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Cory Howell
Senior Director, SEO @ PMX Agency; WordPress hack; Consultant; Phoenix, AZ
Senior Director, SEO @ PMX Agency; WordPress hack; Consultant; Phoenix, AZ

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Can Googlebot crawl HTTP/2 pages? Yes. Google announces support for crawling new protocol in December 2016.

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Some good tips for running a more efficient small business.

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Trying to determine why Google would be showing an Open Directory Title & Meta Description sometimes, when the rendered page content has a NOODP tag in it.

To consider:
-Site built w/ AngularJS (tags, body content, etc.)
-The Render of the page looks fine and is fully rendered.
-The Fetch of the page (shown below) indicates that the DOM isn't loaded & the Titles, Meta Tags & other page content aren't there.
-Doubt it is related to the SERP visibility, but the Fetch also appears to be crapping out mid-JavaScript about 140 lines into the source code & doesn't show the whole page source.

Any reason to be concerned (for Google only) or is the complete render a validation that Google is seeing our pages correctly. The SERP varies by day, location, etc. and I would say "mostly" shows the DOM-enabled Title and Meta Desc.

I'm coming to one of two possibilities:
1) Google is testing the ODP snippet vs. the actual snippet for CTR, etc.
2) Google is not consistently seeing the rendered page content & tags


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Why moving to online only is challenging for retailers.

"...the greater issue at hand that will continue to challenge retailers, both from an e-commerce and in-store perspective, is the inability to evolve the customer’s experience."

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Google to penalize for interstitials on mobile landing pages. Get more info here.

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SEO jobs in Scottsdale/Phoenix area - Strategist, Analyst, Content. October 2016

Also hiring for same positions in NYC.

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Glad to be a part of this great company. Check out our new brand.
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