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NASE Chile
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NASE Chile

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Un APP se puede mejorar su manera de negocio o servicios profesionales.

Utilizar un APP para negocios:

- Reducir el tiempo de digitacion
- Ofrecer mejor servicios a su cliente
- Ofrecer comunicacion a su cliente en mas alto nivel
- Utilizar APP con la Tecnologia actualizada en "Real Time"
- Conectar con sus clientes y conocer su pensamientos.
- Ampliar y actualizar sus bases de datos en "real time"
- Aumentar sus ventas y las ganancias

Concentrar en su negocio y servicios profesionales, y dejar el parte de Administracion a su Propio APP (Aplicaciones)

- Hecho en particular por cada categoria de negocio o servicios profesionales.
- Disponible para Google Play (Android) APP Store (iPhone) Windows Phone (Microsoft Store)
- Ofrecemos planes atractivos por cual quiera negocio o servicios profesionales. El futuro es Mobile y el oportunidad para extenderse a los cliente en forma donde se realizan su tareas diariamente.

Consultar por un App especificamente para sus negocio o servicio profesionales
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NASE Chile

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Avisar el publico tu negocio, empresa y servios profesionales existe. Llenar! y Publicar! Hoy...
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Publicar tu Negocio, Empresa y Servicios ProfesionalesOferta por los Primeros 1,000 Registrados! - Publicación directamente por los extranjeros para encontrarte
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NASE Chile

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rescue diver training programs
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NASE Chile

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divemaster training program
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NASE Chile

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professional scuba diving training 
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NASE Chile

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cursos de administracion
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NASE Chile

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cursos para trabajar en buceo
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NASE Chile

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Office 365 Aplicaciones, skype, Outlook y OneDrive
$ 3.000 (CLP) por mes. 😆
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Moving out of U.S.A. looking for new friends.
1974 Lived in Canada with Y.C.M.A. Scuba instrustor Cal Beven's.
Have Free Energy blueprints. Evil oil & U.S.A. Gov.
Herbalolgy background. Fix cars & homes & finds GOLD. many ways to make money. Could use some help to move & job lined up. Chile startup program for my invention. 
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NASE Chile

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Publicar tu negocio en Chile por los extranjeros conocelro
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NASE Chile

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instructor training program
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NASE Chile

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training courses in scuba diving, technology and administration
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NASE Chile

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cursos para trabajar en oficina
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  • CDI College Of Business & Technology
    Computer Engineer
    Computer Science and technology courses
  • Osgoode Hall Law School
    Areas of Law: Criminal. Civil Litigation, Commercial, Family, Business, Contract, Corporate and international laws.
  • York University
    Philosophy of the great minds of Western Philosphers in depth aspects of government, law, problem solving and in depth thinking.
  • Schulich School of Business
    Business & Accounting
    Business management and accounting. Northern America and international.
  • NASE Worldwide
    Instructor Trainer
    Instructor Trainer Program - Designated to the development of training Scuba Diving Instructors into the Scuba Diving industry.
  • NASE Worldwide
    Emergency Response Instructor Trainer
    Development and training scuba divers and new instructors the Emergency Response Techniques in CPR / EFR / First Aid / Oxygen Provider & AED.
  • NASE Worldwide
    Underwater Photographer Instructor
    Professional underwater photographer and traditional photography.
  • NASE Worldwide
    Specialty Instructor Trainer
    Training divers and insturctors in Specialty scuba diving courses. Such as Deep Diver, Night Diver, Underwater Navagation, Master Buoyancy, Boat Diver, Cave Diver, DPV, Nitrox, Ice Diver, Cold Water Diver, Digital Underwater Photography, Dive Computers, Search & Rescue, Search & Recovery Diver.
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An entrepreneur, Investor, Adventurer and Travel Coordinator, An Instructor Trainer in Scuba Diving and Digital Photographer
A Canadian from Toronto, Ontario. Is currently a Scuba Diving Instructor Trainer and Photographer. Traveling throughout the world for business development and pleasure. As a NASE Worldwide Chile representative I've developed a suitable market for Chile. 

NASE Chile! Is an academy introducing it's visitors and students into the generation of Scuba Diving, Administration, Technology and Language. Combining areas of business and pleasure to contour one's interest in the area of interest.

Achieve a certification in the ares of choice through the state of the art technology with NASE' eLearning and our embedded network via Microsoft Lync. Between both networks you'll attain the knowledge and experience to gain a certificate or career of choice.

" The technology and form of learning has developed over the span of 20 years. Where a students' attendance in-class was an obligation; with the advanced technology and quality of an online course; the form to learning - Is now available anywhere in the globe where an internet connection is available."

Providing your choice of place to learn, The pace your schedule permits, and the capability to master the materials online whenever. A necessity to pursue learning in a form that is less complicated as our daily life. Attend a course keeping in mind that it's going to be Enjoyable! Easy Learning! and Professional!
Bragging rights
Has achieved an M.B.A. a; BA.Sc.and a BA. Phil as well as a LLB. degree. IDP, IT, IE, " Education is your foundation; your accomplishments is your passion"
NASE WORLDWIDE CHILE - Regional Repesentative
Academy Director - Instructor Trainer
  • NASE Worldwide - Chile
    Instructor Trainer & Representative, 2006 - present
    Chile- Regional Representative and Academy Director - Instructor Trainer
  • Scubadiveilat
    Instructor & Photographer, 2008 - 2014
    CEO Instructor Trainer Development coordinator
  • Scuba Diving Centre (Padi)
    Instructor, 2009 - 2010
  • Law Office
    Lawyer, 2000 - 2006
  • **** Ontario Inc.
    Businessman, 1991 - 1999
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Santiago, Chile
Eilat, Israel - Eilat, Israel Red Sea. - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Welling, New Zealand - Hilo, Hawaii - Auckland, New Zealand - Montreal, Canada - Nice, France - Cocoa Beach, Florida - Los Angeles, California - Maui, Hawaii - Paris, France - Barrie, Ontario Canada - Manitoba, Canada - British Colombia, Canada -
Contact Information
+56 9 5410 4271
Lo Barnechea, Santiago Chile
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