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Konferencja na temat rozwiązań HA i HP w środowiskach webowych
Konferencja na temat rozwiązań HA i HP w środowiskach webowych

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Ok. So after some time (sorry for that) we can now write something about speakers :)

As you can see on page there are 5 new speakers with 6 topics !

Miloslav Beno will give talk called: "Phalanger – The PHP compiler for .NET"

Rafał Malinowski will give talk called: "Static content - how to upload, store and manage files"

Michał Żyliński will give talk called: "Bit galaxy. How to find sense in information flood?"

Mariusz Gil will give two talks called:
"Varnish’em all" and "Other aspects of memcached and MySQL"

Leszek Krupiński will give talk called: "Geospatial indexing with MongoDB"

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Oh. And another thing. We think that registration is now open. Sorry for the cost - about 35 euros but we need to pay some not so awesome taxes and give you some good food ;)

If you'll have any problems with eventbee or any questions just write to us:


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We need to apologize for our long silent treatment. But is there any better apology than information about another speaker ? :)

So our next speaker will be Mariusz Nowak.
His topic will be: "Fast JavaScript web applications backed with Node.js".

"Today's common web applications depend a lot on server-side but many of server-side tasks can also be done on client-side. In my presentation I will show how with modern technologies we can build web applications that can live fully on client-side even without connection to server. I will also show how to write them efficiently reusing same JavaScript code on both server and client side."

You can also watch his presenation from summit meetjs in Poznań: Mariusz Nowak - Asynchronous JavaScript

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If you're coding in python (or if you're thinking to start learning it) then this article is for you !

So we have topics from Maciej Małecki. His topics are:

deep dive into node.js core - how node.js works and what makes it so fast
node.js in production - how to deploy node.js applications

And that's not all news for today so stay tuned :)

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Okay. So let's start this :)

Maciej Małecki will be speaking about "nodejs" (topic will be available soon). He is working at
Also he will be speaking at web-5 conference in Béziers (France) -

Check his presentation from meetjs summit in Poznań :)

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Let's turn on some geek stuff ;) node.js + html5 gamepad api + arduino = ?

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So we have another good news (we think) :)
We managed to move conference to 17-18 May. It does not interfere with LinuxTag in Berlin and Confidence in Krakow.

And we have new partner it's Department of Computer Science West Pomeranian University of Technology
Thanks to them we have awesome venue !

Registrations will start soon :) Also "soonish" we will present first speakers ! :)
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