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All about Local Internet Marketing & SEO
All about Local Internet Marketing & SEO


So for one of our small business clients we're setting up a call tracking number, which we intend to use just on the web site. Mainly for call recording and staff performance measurement. For several months we've been doing citation development work, using the primary landline number of the client's office, as we know it's important to use consistent business contact info as part of this effort. But if we add the new tracking number to the GMB listing as well, which the client requested, could that create inconsistencies that would potentially negatively impact our GMB listing visibility?

From our standpoint we'd like to be able to track specific calls metrics from calls originating from GMB and the web site, but we don't want to create visibility/search issues by doing so.


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Some of our competing websites for one of our clients shows links to sub pages in the search results. See the attached screen grab where four sub pages of the site showing in the second position ( are displayed.

What can or should we do for our client site, showing in the first position( , to have our sub pages show in the search results as well. Schema related? Thoughts and ideas are appreciated.

And happy new year everyone.


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Look forward to seeing folks next week.

Thursday, October 19, 2017
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

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Moving your website to HTTPS / SSL

With google's announcement that contact forms on http sites starting October will be marked 'not secure,' that's making an optional task to add SSL to our sites now a requirement.

I wanted to ask the group if once added if it's necessary to do 301 redirect from http to https for every URL on the site, or if there are less tedious and manual things we can do to handle this transition without significantly impacting a our sites' search visibility. We also have existing 301 redirects for some clients in place, so I'm hesitant to add a whole new set as I believe that can cause issues.

So would appreciate input from folks who have already done this process on Wordpress sites.

Thanks in advance

So I have a question for the members of the community who are more familiar with maximizing Facebook marketing than I. One of our clients has a list of about 17,000 customers from a partner business that they recently secured. They email this list with monthly specials but they want to get as many as possible to follow their business Facebook page.

We're looking to offer an incentive either some type of contest or an offer to new followers who follow their page by a certain date.

Wondering if anyone had experience in converting email lists to social media followers. Have you done FB contests? If so how did it work and are there built-in (i.e. Free) Facebook features that can handle this or do you use third-party applications?

Hope this makes sense and would appreciate any and all feedback.

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Question - speaking on behalf of an agency that does more marketing and content writing than technical IT work, and knowing the increasing importance to having the https:// on sites to help with SEO, wondering how similar folks go about installing SSL certs on their sites. It is something that one can learn themselves how to install and set up? Or do your hosting providers help with SSL Certificate Installation? Or are their firms you use for this service?

It may be easier than I'm making this out to be, but if I don't know something, I prefer to ask folks who do.

Thoughts/guidance appreciated


This is an example of a marketing email we got for SSL installs

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Question to folks who do content marketing and posts on LinkedIn on behalf of clients. We're looking to do more more on LinkedIn, but were wondering if folks post on their clients' business pages, personal pages, both?

Can a non-employee LinkedIn account (i.e. agency account) be given admin access to a LinkedIn business page, in order to submit posts, or do you use your client's own LinkedIn account credentials. The fact that this is a client's personal account could give them pause, so wondering how people manage that process.

Input and ideas on how other folks engage and utilize LinkedIn for their clients with respect to content promotion/marketing would be appreciated.

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Question on web site load time. Knowing that load time is an important factor to Google, is it possible to determine if the slow speed it determined by server issues, site content or other factors? Measurement tools just tell you speed, but hard to see if I need to raise this issue with the hosting company, or see if specific site content is causing the issue.

We've had this with some client sites, as well as our own,, but haven't been able to successfully fix the load time issue.

Thoughts appreciated.

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