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I have merged this profile here:

Thanks! - Ryan
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Ryan Cruz

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How would you handle 2 Google Plus Accounts?

One for Personal and One for Work? Or Merge them into One? Any thoughts on these please.
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I have 3 G+ profiles, because I have 3 GMail addresses. The trouble with Google, would be in part because THEY set it up that way. You have Gmail, you have a G+ ghost.  I want to keep the 3 email addresses.  Would be happy to have ONE G+ profile, but not if I have to kill my emails. My workaround is to write DORMANT on the 2 ghostly profiles.
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Ryan Cruz

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Mods, let me know (and delete this) if this has been posted already, but I'm wondering if anyone is using the Author Crawler tool?

I've just read How Authorship is being used in Linkbuilding and because there has been a lot of talk recently about #Authorrank  , I thought I might just share this with the community.

Thoughts anyone? Thanks!
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+Robert Gazzola , I can't make it work either. Maybe I'm missing something. Have you tested it +Per Pettersson ? I messaged +Tom Anthony  and asked him if it's still working after several API updates (the Author of AuthorCrawler).
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Ryan Cruz

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Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms, with over 5 million users and 860,000 photos uploaded daily, their reach is undeniable.

This platform has taken the social media world by storm, and only continues to grow.

This all sounds great but I’m sure you’re wondering; “How will this help me as a business owner.”  

The five points listed below explain in detail why you should invest time into Instagram, and how it will help you as a business.
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Ryan Cruz

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#WSI  Milton Web Design Company based in Milton #Ontario  
810 Nipissing Road #201, Milton, ON L9T 4Z9
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Ryan Cruz

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Anybody used Google+ takeout before?

Any thoughts?
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 Can Takeout data from one +Page be loaded back into another new +Page?
I tried a Takeout or Data Liberation and its just for the +Profile and its underlying data.

I am thinking about Users who made an old + Business page and should now have a + Local Business (or Places) page so that they can verify/merge it with a Places entries Google+ search results page.

Also those who have made a + Local Business page and merged it to a hidden address Places entry and need to delete it as thats not supported yet.  And when they make a new + Local Business page copy back in their Circles, Followers, Posts and + 1 s, though I found + 1 s came back.
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Ryan Cruz

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Parking Spot at WSI Milton

I've used Picasa to edit, crop, warmify, and add filters (cinemascope) to this basic shot taken via my smartphone.
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Ryan Cruz

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Thanks for adding me +Joshua Berg . Excited to be a Part of this community. Hi to everyone!
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Hi Ryan, welcome.
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Several examples from +Mark Traphagen why Google+ is becoming more important for people who are using Google and search

A must read guide if you are doing #internet  marketing and #SEO  
My Most Important Blog Post Ever

And I don't say that lightly. I've written a ton of content over the years, but I honestly think this is my magnum opus so far. I have never felt more strongly about something I've written for business or marketing.

Since my first day here (Google+ Day 3), I've been saying that there is so much more under the hood of what Google has created with Google+ than most people--even most "social media experts"--understand.

You are reading this on the most powerful networking and influence-spreading tool in the history of the world. I truly do not believe I am exaggerating in the slightest.

Read the article:

Let me know what you think. And if you really like it and appreciate the effort I put into it, you could "tip" me by upvoting it at (just need a Twitter account to log in).
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That's correct +Jake Dyson 
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Ryan Cruz

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If you have a local business, then you’ll benefit from our local seo service updates for 2013.

As part of our internet marketing strategy for clients, we have implemented several new local seo strategies for all our SEO clients.

For 2013, we utilize Google+ heavily for local search engine optimization of our client’s business websites.
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Ryan Cruz

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Just can't believe that the #Philippines  has one of the Fastest Growing Internet Users in 2011.

No one in the entire world is as good at summarizing the state of the technology business through slideshow presentations as Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker.

Read more:

#Facebook   #Filipino   #Twitter  
Great tips and tricks about how to stay productive throughout your day.
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