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The Toshiba Satellite Click 2 is an affordable 2-in-1 laptop-tablet combo with good endurance, but its bulk and stiff keyboard are turnoffs.
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Pretty pleased with the lead image I made for this story about what the right age is to get your kid a smartphone (hint: not when they're a baby).
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Got the Windows 8.1 Preview? Here's how to change a quick setting to make your computer boot to desktop instead of the Modern UI Start screen.
Windows 8.1 offers the ability to boot straight into desktop mode, provided that you change a simple setting.
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I like Vine a lot, and I think it's possible it might survive Instagram's integration of video. I think the difference in tone between the two services is different enough to split the audience. Vine is wacky and spontaneous, kinda dumb but really fun. Instagram seems to be going for something calmer, more controlled, and frankly more pretentious. 
Instagram users can now add 15 seconds videos to their stream, complete with filters, motion stabilization, and editing tools. Is this a Vine killer?
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I'm really interested to see the results of this. #galaxys4  and #iphone5  camera shots, side by side. Vote on which looks best to you. All the photos are mixed up and unlabled, so don't expect brand loyalty to prevail.  #apple   #samsung  
We want you to judge the photo quality of the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5 side by side.
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I'm loving this new Grooveshark feature. Get your own internet radio station up and running in a minute and stream it globally. Smart interface, fun social features. Like but with broader possibilities.
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Ana Hurka-Robles (LAPTOP)

G+ Questions - Desktop  - 
I have a question about Google Hangouts - is it possible to:

Have a hangout between a number people (let's just say 4)
Allow viewers to watch this hangout, but not join the video chat
Allow viewers to text chat about the hangout in a separate window
Allow the 4 people on air in the hangout see the text chat, so they can take questions from the chat in real time?

I remember someone conducting a webinar like this once, but I"m not sure if they were using Google Hangouts, some YouTube service, or what. Any guidance would be much appreciated!
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Thanks! I wasn't sure if those included the ability to text chat, but now I see the "Ask a Question" option. Thanks again!
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Hot hot bleep-bloop jam. Sad to see this isn't on Rdio, so score one for Google Play Music
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Interesting features in upcoming Windows 8.1 release will let users create playlists in Xbox Music based on a web page open in Explorer. I've heard Songbird does something like this, anyone ever try it? Is it useful?
Windows 8.1 has redesigned Xbox Music with an new playlist creation feature that sets the service apart from Panodra and Spotify.
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Did you know that once you've synced a #spotify playlist to your iPhone for offline listening, you can't get rid of that cached data unless you uninstall and re-install the entire app? Crazyness!
Learn how to take your Spotify collection with you on your iPhone in a few simple steps.
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