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Russell Armstrong
Founder and CEO of Armstrong Enterprises International, Inc. Internet Marketing Coach and Affiliate Marketing Specialist.
Founder and CEO of Armstrong Enterprises International, Inc. Internet Marketing Coach and Affiliate Marketing Specialist.

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Gold, One of the Safest Ways to Invest
The precious metals market has always been one of the best ways to
invest for virtually every investor. Gold stands at the head of the
precious metals market as the most covered and easiest investment to get
into. Here are just a few of the ways that gol...

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Gold, Best Asset Protection Today!
The world is a volatile place. War. Terrorism. Natural disasters. Roller
coaster stock markets. The stress and pressures never seem to go away.
You’ve worked hard and you want to know your hard-earned money is safe
from risk. With the possible financial ...

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Economic Future for You and Your Loved Ones… Gold is the Answer!
In order to build and preserve your wealth, you need a diversified
portfolio that actually fits in with your schedule. There is a different
type of portfolio that is appropriate for someone with time to handle
investments day to day and for someone with ...

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Precious Metals - Are They Worth Investing In?
In the economic climate of today, with the middle class slowly fizzling
out, more and more people are searching for any means possible to ensure
a financially secure future for themselves and their family. For some,
this means taking on a second job or g...

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How Liquid Are Your Assets?
When it comes to financial asset management understanding the ability
to turn assets into cash is important. When an emergency comes up or an
opportunity to make a substantial investment presents itself it is
imperative to have access to the money needed...

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The Global Economy
The economy is composed of internal and external factors. When
economists discuss supply and demand, they are referring to the external
economy. Internal economy refers to the economic decisions that
directly impact a person. When someone speaks of net w...

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Global Economic Collapse
Many people fail to realize that the imminent global economy collapse is
real and unavoidable. These people generally point to statistics that
they have made up or twisted to suit their own purposes. The truth is
that the impending collapse of the global...

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Security for the Next Economic Collapse
As far as faith in the American Dollar is concerned, there has been a
global paradigm shift. During the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, the
U.S. Congress held closed door sessions to discuss the economic crisis.
Officials from President George W. Bush...

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Is Your Money Safe?
What happens when one begins to find outside sources to invest their
money in safely? There are hundreds of opportunities including
individual retirement accounts (IRAs) in traditional or Roth format,
401(k), employer plans, real estate, Forex, stocks an...

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Gold Coins - A Different Way to Invest in Your Future
Why Invest In Gold? Gold values shift with time but gold is
always valuable and its value is not dependent solely upon being able to
sell it. Unlike stocks and other investments, gold's value isn't linked
primarily to supply or demand nor is it related t...
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