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What's your life say?
People like testimonies. Some people love to tell their story to show how they've overcome, to show how they've grown, to show how awesome God is and to show how all things are possible. These testimonies can be faith based, financial, strength and even phy...

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What defines you?
Fear is a word you hear so often. People are nervous about
their future, their family, their friends, their finances, their jobs, their
marriages, their kids. You name it someone is probably worried about it. It’s hard not to be worried when you look at the...

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What's molding you?
Have you ever really studied a painting? Have you ever thought about the process of how the masterpiece painting was created? Did it come out exactly like the artist had planned? Life is a process that we all go through. It molds you. Experiences and places...

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Be the Game Changer
Be Kind. The smallest of gestures can make the greatest impact. Simple things you do have the ability to change atmospheres, to create new opportunities, and one by one can change the world. Little things that you think won’t make a difference can impact so...

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Life is full of stuff, people to keep in contact with, tasks
you feel you need to get done, hours spent at work, places you want to go, lazy
days you feel you deserve, and sometimes a desire to do absolutely nothing. It
can be hard to plan everything you ca...

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Boastful….I’m sure we’ve all felt it
January 13, 2017 Sometimes when I’m at work I get a little boastful. It’s not
easy going from hospital to hospital, continually adapting and proving yourself
to other people. Maybe I get a little boastful when I talk about how awesome
and smart my husband i...

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Temper...Do you have one?
January 12, 2017 Do you ever stand your ground? Do you ever push back when
someone is telling you something is fine when you know it’s not? Do you ever
lose your temper because you’ve been told one thing only to find out what you
were told was wrong? Do you...

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Snowman Popcorn Gift
I found the idea for this of course on Pinterest, which led me to  I heart naptime Blog . I thought it would be a perfect companion for a DVD gift set. It would also work nicely as a way to spread holiday cheer without much cost. When I was reading through ...

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Gifts..what's your reaction?
January 11, 2017 Have you ever given someone a gift and didn’t quite get the
reaction you expected. Maybe you gave someone a gift that you weren’t sure they
would like and they in turn absolutely loved it. What a wonderful and surprising
feeling that is. Th...

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Be present.
January 10, 2017 It's interesting how you don't realize how much you talk to someone until you can't talk to them. It's funny how you don't always miss people or things until they are gone. It's sad that so often we just take people, time, things, and exper...
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