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La Giraudiere Volunteers Program

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Last week, we had some of the locals round for dinner where we had a fabulous feast prepared by some of our Chinese volunteers! Check our what happened in our blog post.

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During the last few weeks, you've been hearing a lot about La Giraudière, its volunteers, its surroundings and its landscape. The one thing missing from all this information abut LG is Paul!

Paul is the whole reason LG is what it is now and he's continuously working to make LG a great place. He founded LG as a NGO (Non-Government Organisation) almost straight after he bought the land and building.... I'm not going to give too much away as that's what our latest youtube video is for!

You can watch Paul talking about LG and why he chose Brossac to set up his NGO by following the link below:

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We've given you lots of information and videos about the work involved at LG but it isn't only hard work we do here! We also love to enjoy our time outside of working hours by getting involved in lots of activities in and around Brossac.

Our latest youtube video is about the activities we regularly do JUST at LG. Other activities around the local towns are not included in this video but you can find out more about these on some of our other youtube videos and blog posts.

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It's finally starting to feel like spring here at LG as the weather seems to be looking up! The sun is getting us really excited for summer but until then, lets focus on Spring for a bit.

Some of you may not know the dimensions of the land at LG but we can assure you it'd bigger than what you're probably thinking! Spread across this land are a wonderful array of plants and flowers.

In our latest blog post, you can see photos of most of the flowers that are currently in bloom here as well a little bit of information about each one. There is also one flower at the end of the blog that we can't identify and we would love your help in identifying this unknown plant!

We hope to hear back from some of you about this :)

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Our latest blog post is a window into the volunteers' day out last Friday, providing you with lots of details about the day!

We can't wait to go on lots more excursions like this when the new volunteers arrive!

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We're still keeping to the weekly photo videos, as promised!

This one includes photos from our beach outing on Friday, some of the work on the window shutters that Angel (and most of the volunteers) got involved with, as well as lots of photos of the amazing food we've been eating.

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Another new blog post today about LE VILLAGE FÊTE LE MUGUET last weekend in Brossac.

Events such as Bingo, a brocante and a Tahitian evening were included in this great weekend!

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Our third working week of the season at La Giraudière and here is our third photos video with some updates from the past few weeks!

We hope to be bringing you at least one photos video per week (whilst Lily is with us ;) ) so let us know if you're enjoying these!

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As another of our volunteers is due to leave this evening, it's only right that he gets a goodbye post as well!

I think we could all speak about Angel in more than 250 words but as that's the word limit for our blog, Emily has tried her best to stick to the limit ;-).

Thank you again for everything, Angel!

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Living with many different cultures is always very interesting, but one of the most exciting things is the differencing food culture. Lily (American) had never heard of bangers and mash before coming to La Giraudière and now she is a pro at making them!

You can watch her making them (with help from Emily) on our Youtube channel!
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