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A letter from Finland
Today is August 5th 2015. I am writing this from my apartment room in Leppavaara, situated in Espoo, part of Greater Helsinki. This long stay of three months is coming to an end in a couple of days, and I can't wait to get back home. This time around I came...

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What went unsaid
Life, as I had only read before in places, never takes the turns we wish it to. It never follows the waypoints we lay in our dreams. Sitting atop a hill, I could very well look back now and reflect on these sparkling words, and relate well to it. Completely...

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lost passion
What is that one passion which you would love to restart in your life again?   #lostpassion The passion to challenge limits. The passion to define my own rules. The passion to kick away at the gates of pain. To not give up in the face of overwhelming odds, ...

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Jungle Diaries - A prologue
Memories of those days start from the initial impressions received about the entire activity from a friend. After hearing about the stories and the possibilities of volunteering for the wildlife cause, my imagination was triggered. Though I was somewhat ske...

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Story of a wooden log
Once upon a time there was this fine log of wood. It belonged to a mammoth tree, deep in the western jungles. After being cut down by the woodcutter, it had travelled through dense jungles, various wood mills, on several bullock carts and ships to reach its...

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Diwali musings
Lying on a dusty bench on the platform, with my eyes shut, I was trying to catch a few minutes of rest. Hardly a minute would have passed, when a loud rumbling noise woke me up, and I found a column of dust settling down on me. As I struggled to cup my eyes...

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At Delhi University's Vedic Chronology seminar, discussions on flying chariots, Mahabharat-era TV

DU's Sanskrit Department leads the Hindutva charge to reimagine India's ancient history.

The British historian Eric Hobsbawm once remarked, "Historians are to nationalism what poppy-growers in Pakistan are to the heroin-addicts: we supply the essential raw material for the market."
via Dailyhunt

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2 minutes
2 lines I wish to write taking 2 minutes of my time 2 minutes I get, to pen this down 2 minutes of respite giving few lines of glittering words 2 gleaming wings flying through my mind

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where the name comes from
I saw a mail in my spam folder from Alstom and after diligently deleting it, I googled it up and found its some French company in energy solutions, blah blah..  But what stuck me was there is Alstom and then there is Alcatel, both from France. What does 'al...

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a lil sad note from far about my countrymen
I saw three social media bombardments in last one week of having to come back to Facebook, because my real life became a bit boring, not being on my home soil. first there was the ultra comedy bullshit "boycott kerala" bullshit, and its equally bullshit res...
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