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The oldest GDG in Ireland.
The oldest GDG in Ireland.

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GDG Dublin-Women Techmakers and Nigma is organising a hub, kindly hosted at Zalando for the Online Qualification Round of Hash Code, a team-based programming competition created by Google for university students and industry professionals. The Online Qualification Round takes place on 23rd February at 18:30 CET and registered teams from Dublin are invited to participate from our hub, which will take place at Zalando, 3 Grand Canal Way.
Top scoring teams from the Online Qualification Round will then be invited to Google’s Paris office to compete in the Final Round of the competition in April.

If you’re interested in joining our hub, find a team (two to four people) and be sure you all register at Make sure to select "GDG Dublin / Women Techmakers / Nigma" from the list of hubs in the Judge System.

Each member of the team will need an Eventbrite ticket.

Any questions:

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You can't be in San Francisco for this great event... Then join us in the Foundry at Google Dublin to watch live Google Cloud Next'17 first-day keynote.

The schedule will be announced in February but plan to be early on the day as the keynote is likely to start at 17.00.

Get you ticket:


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More details coming soon.

We will have few talks but the aim of this event is to make sure you are learning something by practising or get an answer on an issue you encountered while developing... So this will be a #BRINGYOURLAPTOP event and we expect all attendees to participate!


Scaling microservices with Kubernetes: Brave new world by David Gonzalez
David is a polyglot software developer who specialized in distributed (read microservices) and large scale financial systems. He is the author of the book "Developing microservices with Node.js" and he is also working on a book about DevOps and specially Kubernetes (Google Container Engine) which is pretty much a must nowadays as he will show in the talk: "Scaling microservices with Kubernetes: Brave new world" where he will explain the necessity of automating deployments and resource management.

A lap around FireBase by Laurence Moroney
Laurence Moroney has authored more programming books than he can remember.
A well-known speaker at conferences such as Google IO, Microsoft Build, and others, he's passionate about mobile development, and Android in particular. When not messing around with development, he's a published Sci-Fi novelist and produced screenwriter.

Puppy or Muffin? Easily Leverage Machine Learning in Your Apps by Sara Robinson and Bret McGowen
Sara is a Developer Advocate on Google’s Cloud Platform team, where she helps with developer relations through online content, outreach, and events. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business and International Studies from Brandeis University. When she’s not programming, she can be found running, listening to country music, or finding the best ice cream in SF.
Bret is on the Google Cloud Platform team at Google, focusing on developer-oriented products like App Engine, the Cloud Vision API, Firebase and more. He's also an aspiring Node.js developer. Prior to Google, Bret came from Texas, having worked in the cloud industry at Rackspace as a software engineer building the RackConnect hybrid hosting product. Before that, he led engineering teams at e-commerce, non-profit and startup companies. He's often on the running trail, volleyball court or kickball field. Bret earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Texas A&M University.

Designing for Product-Market Fit: How to make sure people actually need what you code by Marc C. Lange
Marc is a Google Design Expert, who cares about entrepreneurship, making products fit people better, and bringing them to market faster. Marc has consulted dozens of startups while involved in nine Google Launchpad Weeks, the Experts Network (now a part of GDE), and other business acceleration programs like Accelerate Korea. He has consulted the German Minister of the Interior, and taught university students in Lyon. Marc has a weak spot for bridging the gap between engineering & design, and is a secret space exploration nerd. He is going to talk about his passion for great products, and how you can know that you are building the right product before you do so.

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Google Developer Group (GDG) Dublin, as part of the tech community, is always looking to help new group getting off the ground. For our September event, we will be helping Nigma to start their Dublin chapter.
Nigma [] is a non-profit student developer community that was started with the aim to help bridge the cap between students in academia and those coming out to the workplace. With there being so many different areas of computing and technology stacks, it can not only be an intimidating experience but can be difficult to learn, especially with there being so much out there.

My Minecraft-Smart-Home: Prototyping the Internet of Uncanny Things by Sascha Wolter.
Software solutions and everyday objects are becoming increasingly "smarter", take over more "responsibility" and know more and more about us and our intentions. But what does that mean for developers, and what impact does this have on the user? How do we convey the understanding and competence for this Internet of Things? Sascha Wolter covers typical IoT challenges and inspires with crazy and sometimes creepy examples. He also introduces a prototypic approach for hardware and software ideation based on visual programming languages, games like Minecraft, and several IDEs. Of course, it is shown that this pragmatic approach is also suitable for professional projects using IoT platforms and smart home solutions such as Google Weave, Eddystone Beacons, Eclipse SmartHome, or openHAB.

Sascha Wolter is a professional developer and user experience enthusiast with a passion for the Internet of Things in all flavors. He also works as a consultant, trainer, lecturer, keynote speaker, and author who focusses on understanding, innovation and value. Sascha is the founder of the User Group with more than 100,000 members, and as such he is committed to the interests of the user. After organizing internationally renowned events like beyond tellerrand from 2001 to 2011, he is now board member of the Usability & User Experience committee at the federal association BITKOM. When he is not tinkering with new soft- and hardware for Deutsche Telekom AG – Connected Home, he likes discovering the world together with his kids in an odd way.

Why Kakoune - The quest for a better code editor by Maxime Coste
As programmers, we spend most of our time in front of a code editor, such a basic part of our workflow matters a lot, and is worth
discussing. Through a live demonstration, well explore selection
oriented modal text editing and what makes Kakoune the best code
editor out there.
Maxime Coste is a video game technology programmer by day, Linux
enthusiast by night, and has been investing far too much free time
into writing the tool he spends most of his time working with: Kakoune.

The rest if the agenda to be completed.

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A Saturday Hands-on session with Progressive Web Apps

The aim of this Saturday of practice is to get you started on progressive web apps. It is a bring your laptop event and places will be limited so, please, only register on EventBrite if you are willing to get your hands dirty.

What are Progressive Web Apps?
Progressive Web Apps are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of apps. They are useful to users from the very first visit in a browser tab, no install required. As the user progressively builds a relationship with the App over time, it becomes more and more powerful.

Experience needed: basic knowledge of javascript.

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Very quick start with Firebase on the Web...

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Join us for our regular meeting. We'll have 3 talks:

-Signatures in the digital world by Aurelien Delaguillaumie.
Our world is having a digital transformation. A paper-based process is now computerized at the extend that we are trying to eradicate the use of paper. However, paper has a legacy workflow that is deeply embedded in our business workflow. Signature is one of those. In this presentation, we will speak about the past, present and future of Signature. Aurelien Delaguillaumie is working for DocuSign in Technical Support team and he's also a developer hobbyist since 2014 thanks to the GDG community who make him discover this new passion.

-Go-ing Places, Go in the travel industry by Paul Mooney, Architect at RyanairLabs. Paul is a Microsoft MVP with a proven track-record delivering exceptionally high-quality software across several industries.
Paul is creator of the Encrypted Token Web Security Design Pattern, and ARMOR, its .NET implementation. He is the #1-rated C# developer in Ireland according to GitHub Awards, a Microsoft Build 2013 Hackathon finalist, a contributing member of OWASP, and host of
Paul focuses on solving complex technical problems while maintaining precise customer-focus.

-Rich and cross-platform add-ons by James Drew. The talk will cover how to build rich plugins. The basic idea is how to use Angular/React/etc to build Sidebar add-on, how to use ES6 in Google Scripts, and how to build cross-platform add-ons.

As alway, please make sure to have an EventBrite ticket for the event.
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