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"Genius might be described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors into trouble of all kinds." - Samuel Butler
"Genius might be described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors into trouble of all kinds." - Samuel Butler

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Time to cull content. Which of my collections do you think you would engage with once moved to my site.

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The campaign was intentionally designed not to refer to any president or political party, according to Huey. “Anyone who believes that these messages are dangerous or divisive needs to check themselves,” he said.

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Tonight at 9 pm eastern, catch the latest live episode of The Read featuring +Larry Benjamin! His story of prevailing in a homophobic society is one that's reflected in his work. You don't want to miss this!

#author #interview #Black #Gay #LGBTQ

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Scientists discover 7 ‘Earthlike’ planets orbiting a nearby star

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Cold Blue Chair
Today's #joinindaily theme, hosted by +Johnny Wills​, is "Seating".


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I am biased as a native Los Angelina.
Californians are 30% less likely to die a violent death today than other Americans. Since 1980, California’s rate of reported crime overall has fallen by 62%. The state’s criminal arrest rates, too, have fallen considerably, by 55% overall, and by 80% among people younger than 18 — a population, it is worth noting, that is now 72% nonwhite.

Violent crime in California has fallen by an impressive 50% in the same period. This includes drops in robberies (65%), homicide (68%), and rapes and assaults (more than 40%). That last figure is even more remarkable when you consider that the legal definitions of both assault and rape were expanded during these years.

Wanna point at Chicago? An outlier that is less blue and less immigrant rich, and far smaller than CA. Oh, and California generates inventions and jobs faster than anyone. Texas keeps sending governors here to try to raid and poach our companies. Um, why? Can't generate your own?

Efficient government, top schools and universities... and sure filled with problems... that are being handled better than any red state. Why? How? We haven't abandoned the formula of the Greatest Generation. We have unions, universities, infrastructure, tolerance and the rich pay taxes. And business flourishes.

Oh, one more thing. We like being a little bit funky-crazy. It's cool. It is one of many reasons why we're the sane ones.

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Another great ad about kickass women!

This time from Nike, showing off several badass Arab female athletes.

What I love about many of the Nike Women ads is how they show the amazing strength of these athletes -- both physical and emotional -- as they push themselves to perform better. It's not a story we see very often when we look at the sports news. It's a sad fact that no matter where you live, women's sports are not valued anywhere near men's. And so it shouldn't be a surprise when girls' participation is low, despite the overwhelming evidence of the benefits of sports on improving self-esteem, school performance, and socialization in girls, as well as the improvements in physical and mental health.

Sure, we see more stories about women in sports during the Olympics, but every two years is a long time to wait for more inspiration. So, I kinda look forward to these advertisements, even though I am a little iffy on corporations co-opting the themes of women's empowerment.

More importantly, this ad addresses the cultural biases that may keep many Arab girls from engaging in sports by showing young women running or skateboarding in defiance of the disapproving looks from people they encounter on the street. Sometimes the hardest part of exercising is simply getting out the door. This ad asks, "What will they say about you?" And then answers with "they'll say you're strong. That you can't be stopped. That you always find a way." These are the messages I want every young woman athlete to hear and internalize.

Plus, the Nike ads use actual athletes! In this video you'll see:

Amal Murad, first female Emirati parkour coach
Arifa Bseiso, first Jordanian female boxer
Ines Boubakri, first female Tunisian fencing Olympic bronze medal winner
Zahra Lari, first female Emirati figure skater

To add more amazing women to mix, the narrator is Fatima Al-Banawi, a Saudi actor, and there's a cameo by Balqees Fathi, a Saudi singer.

Read more about this video:

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