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Hello All,   just to note that we need to submit real photos i have made a post on Ingress Community that got a bit of attention,  and Ingress seems to be looking in to the Random Fake Portals in Dundee, 

if you do know of portals that are wrong then please help clear them up its a game and keeping it to its actual rules keeps it fun for most of us,  i don't want to walk to a portal to find its a photo from google or located in America or last years high school project. and i think most of us are like this,    

remember you can change the portal name,  description and location if its wrong or inacurrate from inside the App or you can use the > Contact Us. to have them removed completely,    takes time but it needs done!!

Thank you.

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Got to love the resistance agents around here making portals that dont exist,  i think agents like this should have there accounts reset to Level 1   note that the agent in comms has nothing to do with these portals just seemed to pick up activity from over 20km away :s 

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i think this is so true. 
True story for all of us :-)

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have you seen this site buddy urbex is a whole lot of fun i just wish i could do it.

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Greetings,  i was wondering if anyone else noted that the portals they suggested either A,  they never got notification that it was accepted,  B,  the Portal Information that you took ages looking for and checking is not with the portal,   and C your name is not next to the Image,   the first load of portals i have seen all have names by them for who submitted the portals all recent ones i see have nothing including mine that are just coming to play but with out all the information i added which is quite annoying.  

anyone else 

question,  can you capture a portal inside  a control field. 

So tired but would love to go to Dundee and hack some Portals i mean Destroy some always tired of late no use i say old age. 

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Hate me

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the Infamous MedsArt was caught last night destroying some CF and Portals in Dundee,  luckily for the Blue Faction he was tight on time and had to leave quickly 
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