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USS Excalibur Bridge
I can finally show off the design work I did for the USS Excalibur, for use in the upcoming Excalibur fan made video game. The design aim  here was to merge the Sovereign and Intrepid bridge designs to maintain a visual continuity, whilst also evolving thos...

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Enterprise Poster
Hey all, It's been a while I know! Anyway, here's a poster I knocked up based on the Enterprise Blu-Ray box art, enjoy. Lewis.

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Further geometry and colour correction...
I've managed to get 99% of the wall geometry done and it seems pretty spot on so far. I've also spent some time tweaking the materials, to better match what what seen on screen. Here's a shot to show how close I am. Obviously next thing is to finish the cei...

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Dialling geometry in...
Some clay renders I've done while I'm getting geometry pieces right, the wall sections with the glass panels are considerably more complex than they look, and getting the hand rails to join was a bit tricky, SketchUp starts to get very confused with very co...

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More TNG...
I've rebuilt my TNG 'K-Section' corridor since discovering more accurate measurements for the set (see here:, and a big thank you to RedGeneral and Mytran on TrekBBS for his hard work in that regard. A...
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