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Fantastic Japanese food place recommended by a Japanese friend of mine.
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Daniel Michael

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Just power your stuff on the cell towers.
New wireless devices need no power supply, can harvest energy from TV towers

Wireless devices and sensors capable of sending and receiving data may soon be able to also harvest the power they need, right from the air, thanks to the radio waves that already emanate from cellphone and TV towers.

The team at UW has developed a technique they call "ambient backscatter", which can let devices use the cellular and TV transmissions already being broadcast around us, reflecting those signals to send and receive their own data to similar devices, without the need for a battery or other power source.

To test the ambient backscatter technology, the researchers set up a small testing network in Seattle, and the devices were able to communicate with each other, as sensors would in a real-world application, even up to 6.5 miles away from a TV tower.

Video Link : Ambient Backscatter


Hope this post is fresh ! Let me know if it is not :)
#engineering   #scienceeveryday  
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Daniel Michael

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Colored celery on a hike near Green Gulch, Marin CA
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I believe you are correct.
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Daniel Michael

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Employers need to drop the illusion of perfect candidates & look for people who they could train to do the job:
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I agree with that completely. Take the leap of faith, beyond the job description (or job wish list) and look at a person who is passionate about the work and take time to guide a person along the path.
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Daniel Michael

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Catchy, humorous and I can dance to it! Love The Dead Side!!

Daniel Michael

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Invited to Google to hear some tech talks.
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:) yes, you should come by sometime.
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Daniel Michael

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Adjustments are good, especially for my back.
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Daniel Michael

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Here is a great way to have some fun in a group.
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Daniel Michael

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Great. Just uploaded it and did not realize that it  got announced as a post. Good to know.
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I am good at recognizing disabilities but even more passionate about emphasizing human possibilities.

I have 23 years nonprofit management experience focusing on entrepreneurial solutions for people with severe employment barriers. My interest is in the intersection of nonprofit, government and business. I enjoy operating in the startup and growth phases of organizations and in developing partnerships that enhance the triple bottom line: People, Planet and Profit. My expertise is in acquiring government, state and local contracts and grants. My passion is in leading and managing enthusiastic, empowered and effective teams.

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