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Thanks for posting this here. My morning, and every morning after, is now complete. 
I'm back for my daily dosage. 

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Is this what +Intel is becoming?

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I'd say haha about this new facebook development but google plus is just as bad. Can't a person have a little #privacy ?
New permissions for Facebook app for Android, can now read your text messages?

Honestly this is a development that does not surprise me. If you are still using Facebook and have an Android phone I recommend grabbing +Tinfoil for Facebook.

Original story:
Via Reddit/r/Android

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Maybe +Christine Riutzel is right about the beard.

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#bitcoin recent fall put into perspective

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#Bitcoin is getting a lot of attention in the news recently. #USAtoday put the bitcoin symbol in its logo today.

I wonder how long it will stay there.
Screenshot of USA Today with Bitcoin Logo, top left.
Awesome day for bitcoin!

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Gonna have to check this out

TextSecure, a secure SMS solution, now in +CyanogenMod

A while ago I put in the SMS middleware feature that enabled apps like Voice+: Send and receive Google Voice messages through any SMS app of your choosing.

Voice+ was just a proof of concept. The end goal I had in mind for this feature: what if we could send and receive secure SMS, from any app of our choosing?

Who better to build a secure SMS solution, than the creator of TextSecure, and industry security veteran, Moxie Marlinspike? After giving him the pitch on this insane idea many months ago, he was on board. Today, Moxie has released WhisperPush, the TextSecure solution seamlessly built into +CyanogenMod.

Want to send secure SMS, but don't want to stop using Google Hangouts? That's possible now.

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I was looking at what plugins freenas supported. One was this. What does this mean???
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