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Tormentor by William Meikle
This is the story of Jim, he has recently lost his wife Beth so he decides to pack up and move to the wilds of Scotland. He moves into a house that is steeped in mystery and before long strange things begin to happen in the house. When he tries to find out ...

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The Hallow by Keith Deininger
This is the story of James. He lives with his best friend Vance and has a beautiful girlfriend, Allie. One day James sees a woman in the park, then she turns up at their house on their sofa. She gets up, and walks to James' bedroom, lays down and dies. Soon...

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Within by Keith Deininger
This is the story of a town gone bad, the house at the centre of it all
and four people who band together to try and stop the rot from spreading
and to make things right again. For a long time the Upshaw Mansion has
lain empty and abandoned, now a myster...

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After Midnight by Allan Leverone
This is the follow-up to Mr Midnight. Cait Connelly is recovering from the events of  months ago when she confronted her psychopathic twin brother at her birth mothers house. A confrontation that left her with both mental and physical scars, and her brother...

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The Dunfield Terror by William Meikle
This is the story of Dunfield. A town that has a huge secret. During a huge snowstorm, an ancient evil returns. An evil that will try to take over the town with as much death and destruction as it can wreak. Frank is in charge of overseeing the town, and ke...

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Oasis of the Damned by Greg F. Gifune
This is the story of Richter. She survives a helicopter crash in the
middle of the Sahara. She finds herself at an old WW2 outpost. She is
not alone however, she meets up with another crash survivor, Owens. He
tells her that the outpost is built on an oa...

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Facial by Jeff Strand
This is the story of Greg. He has hired a hitman to kill the man his wife is having an affair with. Now he has a dead body in his office. That's ok though, as Carlton, his brother, needs a fresh dead body to feed to the face in his basement floor.... Intrig...

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Doll Face by Tim Curran
This is the story of five friends who are on the way home from a night
out. Deciding to take a shortcut, the find themselves in a town called
Stokes. Only Stokes doesn't exist anymore as it was burned to the ground
in 1960. Suddenly the find themselves i...

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A Shrill Keening by Ronald Malfi
This is the story of Carl Thompson. During the day he is locked up in a psychiatric hospital for the horrific murder of his girlfriend, which he has no memory of. At night though, he patrols a stretch of beach, without knowing why. Soon however the two real...

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In the Shadows of Children by Alan Ryker
This is the story of Aaron. He lost his brother in mysterious circumstances 15 years previously. Seven years later his father died and now his mother has passed away from an accidental fall down the stairs. For the first time since he left for college and h...
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