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Hi everyone, Looks like we hit summer already.  Be sure to keep your pets cool and have plenty of water for them outside.  Get ready for hurricane season and be prepared to evacuate if necessary with your pets. 
Check out for all the new classes that are getting ready to start. 
Dont forget I do training in your home if that is more what you are looking for. 
The prison program (Greyhound Advancement Center) is really coming along.  The dogs are getting adopted as well as we are doing service dog training for placement with Veterans.  That is very rewarding. 
We also placed a greyhound with a girl who has hearing problems and the dog alerts her to knocks at the door.  He is a super good greyhound. 
Remember email me with your questions and hope you have a safe summer.
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Hi everyone  just a quick update  aside from still going to the prison and working with the inmates and training them to train the greyhounds, we are also doing service dog training with the greyhounds for veterans with PTSD I am also working with TADSAW (train a dog save a warrior) a non profit that allows veterans with PTSD to use their own dogs as service dogs if the dog passes.  But it has been a very successful program and I am happy to be a part.
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On Sat Feb 15th at the Woodlawn Church on 12th st n. there will be a pet expo.  They will have blessing of the animals at 12 noon.  At 1pm I will be there doing demos on Dance with your dog and cheryl and her husky will be doing the routine.  Along with Gail and her greyhound brix will demo dog obedience. and I will set up a small agility course to try out  So come on out and have fun
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Happy new year, hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday.  Just updating what is coming up.  All new classes from Puppy to basic to intermediate and agility begin the first week of Jan 2014.  Please check out to get schedules.  Hope to see you guys in class.
The training at the prison is going well.  All the greyhounds have found furever homes, but we are always looking for foster families also.  If you are interested please contact me and I will point you in the right direction. 
Please be safe this new year and see you guys real soon.
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Just updating a few things that are happening.  First Agility starts on Wed Sept 25th at Shore Acres.  Always fun so come on out and join us.  Have a new Puppy, Basic and Intermediate starting at Azaela Rec on Oct 1st.  And a new Basic at Willis S. Johns on Oct 3rd. 
Also putting together a sampler training class, it will have a little of all the classes I offer to give you an idea of what you may want to take.  Including Rally, Dance and Agility. 
Work at the prison is going well.  The Greyhounds are now doing service dog training.  We are teaching the greys certain commands that will be needed for veterens with PTSD.  Its really awesome to see the dogs leaning commands that people thought a greyhound could never do.  They are amazing.  We also have a number of greys up for adoption that are prison trained. 
One last thing, I am still getting things in line to get out to Calif. to do a session with Ceasar.  When it happens you will know!  Thanks Come on out to a class and have fun.
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Ok im ready to start agility again.  Sept 25th new agility at shore acres.  come on out and have a ball.  Just beginning or even with experience this is all in good fun. 
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So its been awhile and I am sorry but the latest update is we are having a new graduation at the prison on a new group of dogs.  Its going really well and all the greyhounds have been adopted.  Some are being used as service dogs and many are therapy dogs.  And of course most are just family pets. Yeah! 
I have all new classes starting from basic obedience to agility to advanced agility within the next few weeks.  Check out the website or facebook no bones about it dog training for updates. 
Aug 24th and 25th I will be at the Willis S. Johns dog swim day.  Come on out and say hi and sign up for agility.  Bring your dogs and let them take a dip. 
Jackie lousie (who many of you know from class) has a little sister named pipa.  She is a red fawn frenchie and she is 6 mos old.  (Not as smart as Jackie yet)  working on it.
So thats the lastest and will try to be on it more. 
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I will be holding a seminar on June 15th at Willis S. Johns to go over puppy issues, behavior training and obedience  and just some q and a.  Its only $25  tell your friends
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Had our second graduation at Hardee Correctional with twelve new greyhounds.  All but 2 are adopted and the last two are being looked at for therepy work in a home for people with disabilities.  Which brings me to my next thing.  We are going to be doing therepy and service dog training with the greyhounds that are adopted to help assist people with special needs.  So between myself and the inmates and the client we will have the advanced  class starting soon.  So anyone who want s more info check out Greyhound Advancement Center website.  Thanks everyone

Also well be doing a intermediate at Shore Acres rec center in about 3 weeks.  I will also address some service dogs training just to give insite.
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Hey guys all new classes starting within next week or two.  Rally O and basic and intermediate, with some training in retrieve and alert training.  Will be for fun and a bonding time for you and your dog.  Check website for info or email me. 
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