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Using my other Google (Apps) account now.
Using my other Google (Apps) account now.

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I added a bunch of people on my Apps G+. Gonna use that from now on.

Finally took a few minutes to reduce the number of posts my blog on Posterous displays by default. Now the main page loads a lot faster!

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Okay, so $1000, compounding annually at 2% is not impressive. That's your typical savings account return.

However, in a good growth-stock mutual fund that compounds 12% (historical track record of the market in general, and lots of funds that make this rate), your $1000 becomes $3105. Triple the money for no additional principal.

Two new blog posts!

The first of today is a guide to writing Chef cookbooks. A lot of people ask for this kind of guide, so this one aims to be comprehensive, but relatively simple.

The second is an update to a previous post I made back in April on how I manage my workstations (3 MacBooks and now and iMac) with Chef.

If you haven't read the previous post, it will give some additional background that may be relevant.

Wow there's some curmudgeons in InfoSec.

I mean, not surprising, but I just read a thread on password management applications, the desire to control configuration remotely via GPO, and antagonism toward tools that use browser plugins.

I just read a security mailing list thread on monitoring employee email. Apparently this is "okay" because it went through the proper HR channels.

My question in general is why is this the course of action? If the employee is not trustworthy, or doing something inappropriate, they should be offered the opportunity to work somewhere else, not monitored.

I totally get that employee activities on the company clock are not for personal use, and should be ethical and all that good stuff. I just really don't think you should employ people you can't trust and have to 'watch.'

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Part of me wants to build a distributed iTunes library service for home network users with multiple computers/accounts.

But, I'm hoping the need for such a thing will be gone when iCloud is released.

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"Computers degrade in value at roughly the same rate as bananas."

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