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Do not use (only) flash memory (SSD drives, hardware wallets, USB flash drives) for your precious private keys!

#Bitcoin #archive #SSD, #flashmemory

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«We kindly ask you to send us a signed message of your personal, most used wallet so we can establish the veracity of your statements.

The "Sign Message" feature is an advanced functionality of the Bitcoin client which allows you to sign arbitrary messages to prove to somebody that you are (were) in control of the funds of some Bitcoin address.»

#bitcoin #AML #KYC #cryptocurrency #privacy

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"Would it be possible to clarify which bitcoin address do you use for cold storage and possibly provide us with some screenshots of your wallet/address where most of your bitcoins are currently being stored?"

I have suspicion that their next question would be "Would you provide us private key to your cold storage?".

#bitcoin #bitstamp #AML #KYC #cryptocurrency

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This sounds pretty serious. It sounds like if either side of a connection is affected by this bug, and an attacker knows both sides' IPs, then they can quickly confirm that a connection exists and insert whatever data they want into the middle of the connection.
#security #Linux #exploit #hacks #tcp #Internet

This seems to fix is:
As root:

In /etc/sysctl.conf, add the line

net.ipv4.tcp_challenge_ack_limit = 999999999

On the unix command line:

# sysctl -p

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This is why "Credible friends app" is bad - don't use it.

It is a shitty premise to take advantage of the financially illiterate or truly desperate. Almost any borrowing is cheaper than this.
#bitcoin #wtf  

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How 16 years old boy got Bitcoin for Christmas and learned valuable lesson about margin trading
#economics #margintrading #forex #bitcoin #drama #lol  
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