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Dennis Cole of Dramatic Christian Ministries - Narrow Gate Theater introduces a Food For the Hungry Community in the Dominican Republic.  This community is an example of what the new DCM-NGTsponsored Reparadero Community will look like.

Hello Friends,  This video of my visit to the Dominican Republic with Food For the Hungry should give you a good idea of what child sponsorship is all about.  Our new community, Reparadero is identical to this community in the way it functions and is administered. The only difference is that child sponsorships are exclusive to DCM.  Thus, our community will be a much more tightly knit together as our sponsors will be more closely involved in the day to day activities of Reparadero. We will help to facilitate more communication between our sponsors, children, families and Food for the Hungry community workers through blogging, email, letters and in person missions trips . We look forward to your feedback and response and ideas for your new community, Reparadero. Please message me if you want to sponsor a child.
Many Blessings, Dennis Cole
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Capital Gains Tax

ATRA also made several important changes to the treatment of capital gains, and eliminated sunset provisions, adding stability and permanence to these rules:

Income Thresholds:  individuals in the 10% and 15% tax brackets will pay 0% on eligible dividends and most capital gains.
Qualified Dividends:  income received will be taxed at the same rate as long-term capital gains.
Tax Rate:  individuals in the 25%, 33%, and 35% federal income tax brackets will pay 15% on capital gains, while taxpayers in the 39.6% bracket will pay 20%.
Unmarried individuals (Single) with income over $200,000 and Married couples filing jointly with income over $250,000 will also pay a 3.8% Medicare surcharge tax on investment income; thereby increasing the effective rate on capital gains to 23.8% (20% + 3.8%)

Your main goal when you invest is to make money. But the IRS wants its cut of your profits, and usually, you have to pay taxes on any capital gains that you have when you sell an investment that has gone up in price. You can expect the 2015 capital gains tax rates to stay pretty much the same as they were in 2014, but many people still get confused about the ins and outs of paying taxes on capital gains more broadly. Let's look at a few basic tips you can use to pay as little as possible in capital gains taxes in 2015 and beyond.

1. Don't want to pay capital gains taxes? Don't sell

Perhaps the most important tax break that many people don't realize they get is that no matter how much a stock you own goes up in price, you don't owe capital gains taxes on your profits until you actually sell the stock. That means long-term investors get a huge tax break in the form of deferral of tax, even if they own a stock in a regular taxable account.

Investors in mutual funds have to deal with different rules, though, whereby funds can actually pay out capital gains distributions even if you don't sell your shares. The reason: when the fund sells the investments it owns, it has to pass through the resulting capital gains to you for you to include on your tax return. Using exchange-traded funds rather than traditional mutual funds can help cushion the blow here, as their different structure makes them less prone to generate capital gains.

2. Long-term traders sometimes pay nothing in capital gains taxes.

If you hold investments for longer than a year, then you qualify for long-term capital gains treatment, which involves lower rates. In fact, for those who are in the 10% or 15% tax brackets for ordinary income like wages or interest income, long-term capital gains qualify for a special 0% tax rate -- meaning you won't pay a penny on your profits. Even those who are in higher brackets will pay a maximum of 15% unless you're in the top bracket, in which case a 20% maximum applies. The 20% rate took effect in 2013; before that, 15% maximums applied all the way up the income scale. Keep in mind, though, that for taxpayers who earn more than $200,000 for singles or $250,000 for joint filers, an extra 3.8 percentage point net investment income surtax applies, boosting your total effective tax rate.

3. Short-term traders pay the highest capital gains taxes.

If you hold property for a year or less, then you don't get to take advantage of any of the favorable long-term capital gains tax rates you've heard about. Instead, you'll pay the same tax rate you do for other types of income, including wages, interest income, and retirement-account distributions. You could pay short-term capital gains taxes of as much as 39.6%, as well as having to add on the 3.8% from the net investment income surtax. The easiest way to avoid the high short-term capital gains tax: hold onto stocks for longer than a year so you can get the better long-term rate.

4. Another smart tax-cutting strategy: use losses to offset gains.

Toward the end of the year, many investors look for capital losses that they can use to offset any capital gains from earlier in the year. Because you only have to pay tax on any net capital gains, a loss on one investment can cancel out gains on another. So if you expect to have a big capital gains liability early in 2015, then you spend the rest of the year looking for losing stocks in your portfolio whose losses you can use to reduce or eliminate any net capital gains
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DCM-NGT Presentation of "Say Something" at Calvary Chapel Albuquerque, July 13, 2014  - Scroll to 22:17
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SWITCH - An Original 
Narrow Gate Theater Production

Hello Friends Of Narrow Gate Theater and Dramatic Christian Ministries, 

I hope and trust you are well and are finding increasing blessedness in difficult spiritual times. I wanted you to know about our new play. 

The live theatrical production of " SWITCH", addresses the moral problems of our times with real solutions. Its a new play written by yours truly, and it plays out the contemporary social issues with passion, personal stories, music, ,and humor too. This play was written with you in mind. 


The Desert Rose Playhouse on Louisiana and Montgomery - 6921 Montgomery Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM. 


Thursday July 24 - 7:30pm 
Friday July 25 - 7:30pm 
Saturday July 26 - 2pm and 7:30pm 
Sunday July 27 - 2pm, 
The following weekend is the same beginning 
Thursday July 31 - 7:30pm 
Friday August - 7:30pm 
Saturday August 2 - 2pm and 7:30 pm 
Sunday August 3 - 2pm 

"SWITCH" will appeal to a blend of churchgoers, non-church goers, believers and non-believers. On the one hand it is simple and imaginative, a la Its A Wonderful Life".  On the other hand "SWITCH" addresses some polarizing moral issues that involve contemporary sexual mores. It's a must see for all kinds of people. We do not just address problems but the characters in our play find solutions to these same issues. Hollywood does not offer this hope, but Holy-Wood does. "SWITCH" is pure Holy-Wood, with compassion to rich and poor, the saint and the sinner. 

General admission is 15.00 and 12.00 for 65 and over or 18 and under. Click the link below for advanced ticket sales which we higly recommend. 

Also not listed on our web site or at the box office is a special group rate of 10.00 for groups of 10 or more. Please contact me personally for this. Call me at 505-259-1282 or text me at the same number, or email me at Group rates must be done in advance and I will personally book you. 

Some of you may want to sponsor groups of 10 or more financially needy people or those that could not attend save by paid for ticket - please contact us.  Our play addresses among other issues the lifestyle of homelessness with sensitivity and hope. We would like this group represented as well as pro life people and their organizations. 

Thanks for reading. Thanks for hearing our appeal and hope you can come. Also, as always, thank you for your prayers as we need these and so value them. 
"till we meet, at Jesus feet, God be with you till we meet again" 

Dennis Cole
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BELL OF ALAMEDA - Show Photos - Produced and directed by Narrow Gate Theater Company - Lobo Theater, Albuquerque, NM.  A story about Love, Marriage, Lots of Rain and a Bell
166 Photos - View album
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Spent the day in the neighborhood, going with Wendy, James and Linda to homes and praying with people.  It was such a blessing to meet new people and connect through prayer.  Albuqueruque Rescue Mission provided food for us to hand out too.
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