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Brian Brady

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God continues to bless Kate Smith

Brian Brady

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Hang a start on that Colonel

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Thank you for the tips.  I am a complete "unhandy" man and I did this in about an hour.  No Drip, lots of money saved, and my wife actually considers me useful

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Who does Bonnie Dumanis have lunch with Scott?  Pretty much anyone she invites.  Dumanis is very popular in GOP circles as is DeMaio. Stop trying to divide Americans by race and sexual preference--it's unbecoming

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But now, Pete Rose is A-OK in Olbermann's book because Pete kissed his ass.  Olbermann is a self-promoting, loquacious, hypocrite

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The two minutes prior and the cut 35 seconds after were my favorite parts of that scene
Google "America's #1 Mortgage Broker"

So you're surfing the internet for a mortgage?  I'm not surprised.  More and more people are "going online" first to find information about mortgage lending.  Lenders are making it harder and harder to get money so you probably want to make sure you have your "ducks in a row" before you start your home search. I'm guessing you're probably pretty smart so I'll pay you the compliment of being blunt.  Here's my advice to you:

DON'T TRUST ANYONE...until you do.

Shaman-like advice from the mountaintop, huh?  Seriously, don't trust anyone to help you with your mortgage financing until you've vetted them completely and feel comfortable that they'll serve your interests before their own.  The Latin phrase "Caveat Emptor", which means "Let the buyer beware", comes to mind.  I know what you're thinking.  Can I trust a guy who starts off his sales pitch with "don't trust me" and "watch your own butt" ? My answer to you?

DON'T TRUST ME EITHER...until you do.

The mortgage crisis came from a confluence of factors.  Greedy Wall Street tycoons and opportunistic mortgage lenders offered cheap money to unsuspecting consumers.  Well, I guess not all the consumers are victims, either.  As it turns out, more than a few consumers "gamed the system" and lied about their income to take advantage of the Wild West atmosphere of the early part of this decade. When those consumers stopped making their mortgage payments, the house of cards fell and our financial system went running to the government with their hand out. So...

NOBODY TRUSTS ANYONE RIGHT NOW...and I think that's a good thing.

It's a good thing because we all have to take some responsibility for the money we lend and borrow.  I have to ask you a bunch of questions, get supporting documentation to prove your answers, and twist the arms of the underwriters to open the spigot and lend the very money you have deposited in their banks.  You should approach our relationship the same way.  You should feel free to ask me about my expertise, how I communicate with you, and what to expect from the services I offer.

I won't hide from you.  I let it all hang out on the internet so you can get those questions answered BEFORE you pick up the telephone to call me.  If you want to spend hours researching me, I'll give you so much information that it'll be like taking a sip from a firehose.  If this sounds like I'm a NO BULL kind of guy, who tells it like it is, I'm pleased.  I want to establish our relationship up front so you know exactly what to expect from me.  I won't give you a glossy, four-color sales brochure, with a picture of my office, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  You won't find me on a late-night infomercial, dressed in an Aloha shirt, preaching the "get rich quick" mantra that got us into this mess.  I'm direct and to the point.

...and I'll watch your butt because I'm watching my own butt, too.  I've been fortunate to call mortgage lending my career.  I love the business and I plan on being around until my little girl graduates college (some time in 2022).  I won't make it by ripping people off and giving bad advice.  If you've made it this far, I'm speaking to you.  What I'm saying resonates. 

You might be surprised when you call; I'm actually a helluva nice guy on the telephone.  I just like weeding out the folks who aren't serious about their money.  If you're still here, call me at (858)-777-9751.  If you're not ready to call just yet, read on.

  • Villanova University
    Finance, 1983 - 1990
  • St Joseph's Preparatory School
    College Prep, 1979 - 1983
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  • World Wide Credit Corporation
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I have been a customer for over a year. Tim and Janna adopt a very personal approach to customer satisfaction by getting to know you and it makes all the difference. They host different social events at their store which invites the sort of personal interaction which permits them to make appropriate recommendations for gifts. Each time I consider a gift for my wife, I call or email and ask for suggestions, Janna pre-selects pieces which she knows will "wow" my wife but stays within budget. The result is a beautiful but affordable gift with tremendous impact. Tim knows watches very well and Passion is the only place I would trust to repair my timepieces.
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