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Robert Talbert
Math professor at Grand Valley State University. Catholic, Dad, writer, cat herder. My views != GVSU's
Math professor at Grand Valley State University. Catholic, Dad, writer, cat herder. My views != GVSU's


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This may be of interest to some of you. I don't know if there will be a discussion of SBSG specifically but looks like a good wide-angle discussion of grading as a whole.

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Hey, look who I found this weekend while giving a workshop at Cal Poly Pomona! Nice running into you +Sharona Byrnes -- confirming that the people in this G+ community aren't just incredibly innovative AI's on Google.

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Hey folks, I had to share this website from a math class taught by David Van Slyke at Lane Community College in Eugene, OR. David shared this with me through email this week. Scroll down and check out his implementation of specs grading, which involves up to 50 (!) "achievements" laid out like earning milestones in a video game. Great stuff and looks like fun.

FYI: I've changed the settings on this community so that anybody can join without getting permission from the moderator (me). I've been approving basically everybody lately and nobody has spammed us. So if you've had a colleague who for whatever reason was putting off asking to join, tell them to come join up.

PSA: With the start of the school year approaching, we've been getting an increasing number of requests from new people to join. Some of these users are blatantly spam, some are obviously real people, and with some it's hard to tell. Please note that in order to be approved for this group, you must

1. Have a profile photo (cartoon avatars are OK, but blank avatars, pornographic images, etc. mean you are a spambot)
2. Have posts more recent than a year ago (if you only just joined G+ or have been inactive for a long time, go post some things elsewhere first)
3. Have the majority of your recent posts be non-spam

Think of it as SBSG. To "Pass", you must do three out of these three things. Otherwise I assume you are spam.

Thanks for your understanding.

The start of the new school year is just around the corner. I'd encourage anybody who is using SBSG in their fall classes to post some info about it -- syllabi, standards lists, whatever -- either as replies to this post or as posts unto themselves. Remember sharing is caring.

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Came across this research primer by Matt Townsley. Definitely worth a look.

Hey everyone, hope your school year is winding down well. Just a call for contributions -- I think the whole group would love to hear your SBSG stories from this year. Successes, failures, a combination of these --- write them up and post them here. (Not as comments to this post, because those get hard to read, but as separate posts.) Thanks!

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Good article here, not about SBSG but about focusing on feedback rather than grades and points. Arthur actually advocates a completely grades-free system which is a step beyond SBSG. Discuss.
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