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I am on the road
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Shanren is a very special Band from Yunnan,They use traditional ethnic instruments and special skills in the music,as well as singing in local dialect,this is why most people cannot understand sometimes.Video Playlist :

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This video shows Aini people were celebrating the Ga Tang Pa Festival in Jan 2015,as well as the landscape of Nan Nuo Mountain in Xishuangbanna.

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KTL Project : Kunming To Lisbon Sharing Event
More Details:

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Time :29th DEC 2012 14:00—16:30

Venue:Yuansheng Fang(Chuangku Art Community,NO.101 Xiba Road,Kunming,Yunnan)

Hosted by:KTL Project Team

Contents:Cycling Photos and Videos Sharing
Traveling Experiences、Skill Sharing
European Environmental Protection Sees and Hears
Music Show(Holland)
Participator Communication 

Fee:Free(Needed Reservation,Including Open Courtyard Environment,Buffet tea)

Bus:No.2、22、62、120 Yunnan Baiyao Factory Station

Parking:5 Yuan(Half Day)

Micro Blog:Sina:@光头兄,Tencent:@bluehatfyx。
Live Broadcasting Online:
Locale:Needed Reservation(Please send participator's name,gender,Email and phone number to Sina @光头兄,Tencent:@bluehatfyx,Facebook:0lifecycles0(Eric Feng) or。You will have a Validation Email when Reservation is available.

Dendline:27th DEC 2012 

More Details:

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