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lizzy has a baby, now what?
lizzy has a baby, now what?

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two days until summer workout starts
I have been telling leif for about three weeks now that we need to get back to exercising and eating right. well this morning I made him get on the scale and he finally agreed to it. we are going to be doing some weight lifting and more walking after late a...

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does it make me weird that I don't want to get pregnant at the same time as stupid people I know. I know a couple people that just found out they are pregnant and I don't want to be pregnant at the same time. is that normal. I guess that very childish of me...

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my little sister and her husband just left for their honeymoon today. they are doing the same cruise we went on last year. it felt so good to help them out with little tips and recollections from our trip. not to mention they are bringing us back some vanil...

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wedding pictures
me and leif I loved everything about this wedding. we had so much fun and it was a long time coming. so happy for my little sister and her husband Justin. these are just some of the pictures I had. it was such a happy day. me and Ashley (sister) bride (Samm...

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yesterday was our nine year anniversary of dating and our four year anniversary of being married. it was a low key anniversary because we cant really eat anything because of the fast but it was fun. we camped out in the living room and made homemade popcorn...

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me and baby Jackson. 7.2 oz and 17 1/2 long. so sweet, so cute, and such big feet.

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lies lies lies
they say you can find anything on the internet. well that's a lie my friends. I went to look up a simple punch recipe and it is no where to be found. it was the top secret pirate punch recipe from the oldest saloon in st Augustine, but no where on this whol...

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we keep trying to go on a diet and it lasts about 3 days. we keep trying to eat better and its for one meal out of 3. I keep wanting to exercise but I never want to put in the work. we need a goal and I can t get one good enough for us to try.  we lost weig...

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you know those days when you watch the news, watch a movie or witness something in everyday life and think about how lucky you are. well today was one of those days.  most days people don't look around at their life and realize how fortunate they are. whene...

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calm day
we are enjoying a nice day off so far. we paid all of our bills and ate lunch, and now I'm making a carrot cake to take to my parents house for dinner with them tonight. they are making stuffed burgers with fat fries for us so we are taking care of dessert....
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