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Joshua Brian Fitzgerald
I teach math.
I teach math.

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I can smell margaritas in the math department hallway. Not surprised.

I want my Precalc students to know how important algebra and trig are when they get to Calculus. Can anyone think of a standard Calc I problem that uses a whole variety of material from Precalc?

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An Ohio congressman and his entourage are creeping behind me and watching me type over my shoulder...Government surveillance! 1984! Big Brother!

Google experts: I want to get price data from Google Shopping and do some basic statistical analysis on it for a personal project. So for instance, if I wanted to make a simple histogram of the prices of a given product, how would I go about getting that data?

I don't want a repeat of last week, so I'm getting started on my +CS101: Building a Search Engine homework today, instead of waiting until Tuesday at 5....(i'm a bad student)

Time for some +CS101: Building a Search Engine !!

Finished +CS101: Building a Search Engine homework just in time!

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Applied category theory???
"This post started out as a gist meant to help work through what I’ve learned about category theory by applying it to something I already knew, JavaScript. The surprising result is a clearly defined set of JavaScript functions and jQuery helpers that can be optimized to reduce execution time. In the course of this post we’ll define two categories: one for HTMLElements and the other for jQuery objects. We’ll then construct a Functor that maps from the category of HTMLElements to the category of jQuery objects. At the end we’ll see how jQuery plugin authors can help user’s speed up their JavaScript using what we learned along the way."

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The End of Teaching (as we know it) #highered via
Alvaro González Alorda

Hat tip to +Matthew Patulski
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