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Dave Reynolds
Will code for food. Sometimes I take naps.
Will code for food. Sometimes I take naps.
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Hey folks. As part of the "great email address migration of 2011" you might get a Google+ follow from me in my now home ''. Sorry for the inconvenience and hope to catch up with everyone again...and sorry if I missed anyone.

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Anyone ever use node-formidible for a node.js app that accepts multipart posts for file upload?

I'm building an app where a mobile client has to upload a handful of KV pairs which will land in a MongoDB database. It also has to upload an image. There are so many ways to do this that I've changed the server side implementation about 500 times.

Today's flavor is node.js with node-formidable. Comments appreciate, but I'm sure depending on what I have for dinner tonight tomorrow it will either be Sinatra or something even more sinister...

Help me end the madness!

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Jonathan Coulton rocks.
So, it's Halloween season. That means it's time for me to post the best Halloween/Office Zombie video of all time.

I present: Jonathan Coulton, "Re: Your Brains."

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My new word of the day from one of my guys. Botchalottamus - a name for a less than well conceived software construct or project. Also the mythical animal used to carry supplies while on a Death March.

Looks like the new Facebook redesign has people joining Google+ in droves. There goes the neighborhood.
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