When the Sumerians (5000 years ago -the same time that the Maya Calendar began - with the Fifth Great Cycle in 3114 BC) used their version of the Hubble Space Telescope to look at blackholes, their images were made in to wall-reliefs.

This relief is clearly showing where the Nephilim (the Giants of Genesis 6) came from: the 3-Star Sirian System. Sirius A,B,C. (he just happens to be sitting under it)

I know that it's the Sirian system and not the Belt of Orion; because if you look closely about the three Stars (circled), two are visible (The Father and The Son), and one is 'blacked' out, or invisible (The Holy Ghost).

This is a true representation of the Sirian System as it looks today.

They made a "jump" through a blackhole (represented by the pillar/seperation), the destination being: our own Solar System via Sol (our Sun - represented by the big obvious Solar Disk, and the obvious Humans, most likely, High Priests).

©2011 Dustin M. Jackson

in reference to: Hubble Spots Disk Around Distant Black Hole » Gravitationally lensed quasar HE 1104-1805

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