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Lynne Diligent

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One of the best articles I've read all YEAR on LinkedIn, with information I can use not only at work, but also at home with the family!
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Lynne Diligent

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In America, middle-class people get angry when they see the poor buying steak and lobster with their food stamps, especially when they themselves can't afford these items. In India, the middle and ...
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Lynne Diligent

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Familes, and the rest of us, wait from moment-to-moment to hear the latest updates in the Germanwings crash in the French Alps.  Speaking personally as a family member of someone who was killed on ...
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Lynne Diligent

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I taught for many years in international schools and was quite surprised by the intercultural problems I encountered.  Since we were all speaking English, I did not even realize, during the first f...
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Lynne Diligent

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"What ever caused history and geography (the two subjects in which Americans seem to be severely lacking) to be replaced by Social Studies?"  As a social studies teacher by training (who mostly tau...
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Lynne Diligent

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  The flipped classroom is just not appropriate for all subjects, all of the time.  This educational fad has gone way too far, and is being used for the wrong reasons.  Most importantly, it ru...
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I've lived in the Middle East for 20 years.  I write about universal and intercultural issues in education, as well as about intercultural communication, international business, and expat interests.
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